Guys. It’s National Taco Day. We are pretty sure this might be the best food holiday EVER. As avid lovers of Tex-Mex, we think we have a good idea of what’s up with all things taco. The very Brit + Co member typing this right now even hails from the Taco Capitol of the World US. That’s right, we’re claiming Austin as the ultimate Taco Capitol. To convince you to join #TacoTeam today, here are 10 de-LISH-ious ways to celebrate T-A-C-O-S!

1. Text Your Friends in Only Tacos: Start your day by texting tacos to your friend with this app. Yep, that’s it. The whole enchilada, delicious meat-lettuce-cheese crispy shell taco. Shoot them a virtual taco, and invite them to get some real tacos. There. Now you’re the hero of your friend group.

2. Whip Up Brunch a la Waffle Tacos: After sharing the news of National Taco Day with your friends and family, you should probably whip up some delicious Waffle Tacos for breakfast. These are very real, and we have the Taco Bell recipe hack right here to prove it.

3. Make the Taco Emoji Real: Breakfast may be over and done, but National Taco Day is 24 hours and we are already thinking about lunch. In the meantime, turn to GroupMe for the perfect emoji to express all of the Taco Day feels. We present… the taco emoji, get the creation story here!

4. Fresh Fish Tacos: It’s lunch time right? Lunch time! Here are 18 fresh fish taco recipes for you to make and then devour! Mmm… bet they taste like Southern California.

5. Express Your Love for Tacos AND Ryan Gosling: That is all.

6. Taco Bout Us, Baby: It’s time that you reflect on taco day. May we suggest sending a friend this card or turning it into a DIY wall art project? Great idea. But wait! Our tummies are starting to grumble…

7. Make Tacos for Dinner, Duh: GUYS, WE HAVE SO MANY TACO RECIPES! Here are 17 mouthwatering Mex recipes! And here are 21 more taco recipes. Because everyone loves tacos. Everyone.

8. Play the Raining Tacos Game: Just in time for National Taco Day, everyone’s favorite YouTube taco song has been turned into everyone’s favorite iPhone game. Open your mouth and close your eyes – it’s raining tacos!

9. Make DIY Choco Tacos for Dessert: Is this not already the best day? Well it’s about to get a lot better. Dessert time – taco style. Make your own Choco Tacos and cool your jets after ingesting all that spicy salsa all day.

10. Dress Your Whole Family Up like Tacos: As the day winds down, don’t forget about the joy that is National Taco Day. Celebrate year-round with taco nights, taco Tuesdays and breakfast tacos at least five times a week. Maybe even consider dressing up as a taco this Halloween. Because remember: Everyone loves tacos.

Are you celebrating National Taco Day? Let us know how in the comments below!