When it comes to finding the perfect beauty routine, there’s pretty much nothing we won’t try. We’ve made face masks out of avocados, hair serums out of cooking oils, self-tanner out of cocoa powder and we’ve even chugged apple cider vinegar, all in the name of looking and feeling our very best. So when we heard that the latest skincare craze involves rendered beef fat, we were all in!

…Just kidding. We had pretty much the exact same that you just did — WTF?!

Face Mask 2

Upon further reading, it’s actually not as crazy as it sounds. Tallow, aka rendered beef or mutton fat, is a solid substance that has long been used in soaps and salves. And even though it looks and sounds pretty gross, it’s having a renaissance as part of the nose-to-tail food movement. Butchers are selling the tallow to skincare companies, or even making their own balms in some cases.

So what are the benefits? Well, it’s natural, for one thing. Many companies using tallow in their products are focused on sourcing it from hormone- and chemical-free animals. The animals are also pasture-raised, making their tallow a good source of omega-3s and vitamins. Tallow is composed of many of the same fatty acids you’d find in shea butter, like stearic acid, which “hydrates skin and repairs the barrier,” according to a dermatologist quoted in Allure. Plus, the rich texture makes it an excellent non-greasy balm for dry skin.

Tallow-based products are obviously *not* vegan-friendly, so they’re not going to be for everyone. But if you’re an omnivore who’s feeling adventurous, check out these five products to beef up your beauty routine.

Fat Face Myrrhaculous Face Cream

1. Fat Face Myrrhaculous Face Cream ($28+): This tallow moisturizer also contains sweet-smelling ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, lavender essential oil and myrrh.

Barrister Mann Shaving Soap

2. Barrister and Mann Seville Tallow Shaving Soap ($16): Tallow lathers up nicely while protecting the skin, making it a classic ingredient in shaving creams.


3. Lucky Balm Full-Body Moisturizing Balm ($25): From cracked elbows to itchy patches, your dry skin will thank you for the much-needed moisture from this chemical-free balm.

Bronson Distinguished Goat Tallow Shave Soap

4. Bronson Distinguished Goat Tallow Shaving Soap ($14): This shave soap has Ron Swanson written all over it. Not only does it contain rendered beef fat, but it also uses Guinness (yes, the stout!) and goat’s milk. Slap it on with your boar bristle shaving brush for the ultimate manly shaving experience.

Fat Face Stank Stop

5. Fat Face Stank Stop Deodorant ($12+): The tallow in this deodorant keeps your pits moisturized, while the coconut oil fights off bacteria and the baking soda absorbs odor. Talk about a triple threat!

Would you use skin products containing tallow? Tell us what you think of this trend!

(h/t Allure)