A little tassel fringe is a no-brainer when it comes to adding flair to your living space. You simply can’t go wrong with the haute refresh that the pops of texture bring to your home. And the best part about tassel decor? It’s a cinch to DIY. So put on your crafty gloves and start getting fringy with these 23 boho-chic wonders.


1. DIY Scandinavian Wall Art: This chic wall pendant is the result of leftover goodies from other DIYs. That means there really is a purpose for all of those random craft scraps you’ve been saving — time to dig ’em out! (via A Beautiful Mess)


2. DIY Tassel Rings: Impress your guests by breaking out these cute napkin ring holders. Their hippie vibes will set the perfect chill mood for all of your summertime dinner parties. (via Ars Textura)


3. DIY Tassel Basket Planter: O.M.G. This tassel DIY is so colorful and cute that you should prob go make your own RN. Farewell, boring wicker planter. Hello, funky and vivid decor piece. (via Kailo Chic Life)


4. DIY Stitched Tassel Cushion: Imagine this chic AF minimalist pillow in your abode tonight. Make it a reality with just a few yarn stitches on a basic pillowcase. (via Fall for DIY)


5. DIY Tassel Curtain Tie-Back: Personalize your curtains with your very own DIY tassel version. We recommend bold hues with a neutral string tie for some serious *poppin’.* (via Design Sponge)


6. DIY Embroidery Tassel Tutorial: Show off your DIY skills by refreshing your serving tray with vivid rainbow tassels. It’ll give tea time the feels of a Bali oasis. (via Apartment Therapy)


7. DIY Yarn Tassel Knob Bobbles: This tassel DIY is so adorable, but we think you can kick it up a notch by adding bells as a functional feature. Use them to keep track of your kids and family as they buzz in and out. (via Aunt Peaches)


8. DIY Tassel Mobile: Start your baby’s life out right with a super stylish mobile to wake up to every morning. (via Wlk Mndys)

Tassel blanket 2

9. DIY Tassel Blanket: Pretty up your blanket with neon pink fringe. All you need are a few pieces of yarn, a tapestry needle, and a sewing machine — or stitch it by hand if you’re a crafty maven. (Tell Love & Party)


10. DIY Tassel Tea Towel: Don’t leave your kitchen flair-less — add some tassels to your tea towels! Bonus tip: Create multiple tea towels, tasseled for every holiday and season, for year-round style that doesn’t quit. (via Homey Oh My)


11. Cool DIY Pom-Pom Tassel: Brighten your out-and-about life with fun pom-poms on your key ring, bookmark, or boho purse strap. (via Sugar & Cloth)


12. DIY Tassel Bookmarks: Show off your craft skills to your fellow bookworms by making these cute and chunky tassel bookmarks. (via Pottery Barn Blog)


13. DIY Pom-Pom Tassel Wall Hanging: Maybe we are bit bias, but this pom tassel is ridiculously adorable! Make your very own version and give it a premium position on your living room wall. (via Brit + Co)


14. DIY Fleece Tassel Blanket: Have you ever met a tassel blanket that you didn’t love? We didn’t think so! Give your fave blanket a little refresh-lovin’ with cozy fleece tassels. (via Club Crafted)


15. DIY Hula Tassels: Prep your clutches for summertime with DIY hula tassels. You’ll be looking luau-ready all season long. (via Damask Love)


16. DIY Tassel Wall Hanging: Turn your blank, oversized wall into a textured AF spotlight feature that adds major character to any space. (via Honestly WTF)


17. DIY Pendant Tassel Light: This DIY will show you how to add some vibrance to your boring pendant lighting fixture. Not quite enough of a splash? Stencil an interesting design onto the outside of the pendant for extra pizzazz. (A Subtle Revelry)


18. DIY Tree Swing: Swing into spring with a DIY tree swing ornament that will have heads turning. You’ll be the envy of every neighbor with this front-yard fun. (via Design Love Fest)


19. Macrame Shower Curtain DIY: If you’re a tassel-loving macrame queen, you *need* to make this gorg shower curtain. This whimsical look will give your bathroom all of the chicness. (via A Beautiful Mess)

wood bead garland with tassels-0001

20. DIY Wood Bead Garland: If extra beads are dominating your craft box, they’ve found their purpose. Regardless if they’re wood or plastic, this awesome DIY bead garland fits any room. (via Little House of Four)


21. DIY Yarn Tassel Bed Skirt: Even your bedskirt could use a little springtime refresh. Mix the colors or match them to your bedroom’s theme. (Tater Tots & Jello)


22. DIY Tassel Bunting: Your blank walls need some love. Add a vibrant garland to a dull wall for a major update. (via Bloesem Designs)


23. Leather Wood Bead Tassels: Use leather scraps from leftover crafts to make a cute leather and wood beaded tassel chain. We recommend adding this accessory to your favorite seasonal tote. (via Damask Love)

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