How to Make This Ridiculously Adorable Pom-Pom Tassel Wall Hanging

Y’all, we’re addicted to making pom-poms. Admitting the problem is the first step, right? TBH, we can pinpoint the moment we became obsessed: when we discovered the magical pom-pom maker. Since this fateful moment, we’ve made a glorious pom-pom vest, a watermelon pom keychain, a gussied up duvet cover and even a new year’s resolution tree. The struggle is REAL.

Clearly, tassels were our gateway drug. What’s a DIY’er to do? At this point, the only thing to do is feed the beast with more pom-pom projects, so that’s exactly what we’ll do. Enter the pom-pom tassel wall hanging, AKA the wall art your living room has been missing. Join us in our pom-pom fever, won’t you? :)

Materials and Tools:

Psst: Don’t have a pom-pom maker on hand? Try this nifty trick instead.

Hello, you beautiful li’l things.

To make a pom-pom, place both pieces of the maker together. Pull out a pair of arms, then wrap yarn around both arms until you’ve made a full half-circle. Repeat on the other set of arms, tuck all arms back into the maker, then trim the end of the yarn. Next, cut down the center of each half-circle of yarn (don’t be afraid!). Cut a nine-inch strand of yarn, then tightly double knot through the center of the maker. To remove the pom-pom from the maker (AKA set that baby free!), pull out all arms, then pull each maker half away from each other. Trim the pom-pom into a perfect circle. You’re done!

Wondering how we made those two-toned poms? Simply switch up the yarn colors for each set of arms.

Onto the tassel! Wrap a hefty amount of yarn around all fingers but your thumb. The more yarn you wrap around, the fatter your tassel will be. Double knot a piece of yarn around all layers. Bring this knotted strand to the top, then pinch all the yarn below. Tie another strand around ALL the yarn to make the “neck” of the tassel. Then trim the very bottom with fabric scissors. Check out a more in-depth tassel tutorial here!

Next, cut your rope into varying lengths. Make a small loop at the top of each with a hot glue gun, then let ’em dry.

Psst: Be sure to save 4-5 feet of rope for hanging the pipe!

Once the glue has hardened, you can loop each rope around the copper pipe.

Use a hot glue gun to adhere the base of the rope directly into the pom-pom.

Try looping the rope through the head of the tassel, then glue the rope to itself to make another loop. Trim the excess tassel yarn as necessary.

Thread that extra 4-5 feet of rope through the copper pipe. We fastened the rope to the hook of a thin pen so we could easily feed the rope through.

Tie each end of the rope to itself, then glue a pom-pom over the knot.


Now seems as good a time as any to make #yarnporn a thing, right?

We couldn’t resist pairing it with a tasseled pillow. Now we HAVE to make a pom-pom throw to round it out.

Happy pom-pommin’!

Making this DIY? We want to see the results! Share photos of the project — and YOUR love for pom-pom making — on Instagram with the hashtag #iamcreative.

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DIY Production + Styling: Cassidy Miller + Maddie Bachelder

Photography: Tory Putnam

Need proof that ice cream sundae night can be better than ever? Take a look at these 23 insanely delicious ice cream sundaes! We're talking tons of toppings. Bacon brittle. Irish caramel. Twinkies. Roasted fruit flavor explosions. Even Fruity Pebbles!

Apparently dreams do come true. Our sweet tooth is driving us to make a few of these ice cream sundaes, Instagram 'em, eat 'em, and probably even consider quitting our day job to start a sundae-serving ice cream parlor of our own!

Check out some truly mouthwatering ice cream sundae recipes to try with the fam below!

Cinnamon Toast Crunch French Toast Sundaes

This is our idea of breakfast for dessert. While the award for best cereal is always up in the air, we can't deny that we love Cinnamon Toast Crunch. After making this recipe, we might never eat regular French Toast again. (via Brit + Co)

Ice Cream Sundae Oreo Cookie Cups

Ice cream sundaes don't have to be served in a regular bowl! Case in point: this dessert comes in edible cookie cups that taste just as amazing as the ice cream itself. Don't forget the whipped cream and cherry! (via Brit + Co)

Ice Cream Sundae Push Pops

Who knew you could combine so many different ice cream elements? Just use a spoon to layer your ice cream ingredients, from hot fudge to cherries to whipped cream, into a push pop and enjoy! (via Brit + Co)

S'mores Banana Split Ice Cream Sundaes

This ice cream sundae is a great idea for when you want to have a campfire, but it's super hot outside. You can *never* go wrong with a chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker combo. (via Brit + Co)

Banana Split Sundae

This classic sundae recipe is so worth making at home. That way, you can pile it up with all the toppings you really like – in whatever quantities float your boat. (via Two Peas & Their Pod)

Mini Chocolate Stout Brownies with Burnt Irish Caramel + Hot Fudge

Fresh out of dinner ideas, or too tired to deal with dinner? Use this as a great excuse to eat some ice cream. These bottoms-up brownie floats have enough toppings to fill anybody up. And seriously — who's complaining about that? (via Half Baked Harvest)

Breakfast Banana Bread Ice Cream Sundaes

We don't know about you, but we’d get up at any hour for a breakfast that involves ice cream! Don’t worry, this sundae has *a few* healthy tricks up its sleeve. (via Top With Cinnamon)

S'mores Sundae

Graham crackers. Flambéed marshmallows. Homemade hot fudge. These are the exact things that heaven is made of. Please, give us s’more! (via Savory Simple)

Gooey Chocolate Skillet Cake Ice Cream Sundae

Serving up cake old-school style is now officially in. We’re talking about serving it up in a cast iron skillet. And yes, we’re totally eating right out of the pan. If you can wait ’til this cools to dig in, you have superpowers. We don’t. (via Willowbird Baking)

French Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae with Bacon Brittle Sprinkles

When in doubt, add bacon sprinkles. We'd live by that rule in general, but especially with this dish. Top with heaps of chocolate sauce and *more* bacon sprinkles. This little savory-sweet sundae will be the star of your party. (via Movita Beacorp)

Hot Fudge Sundae Cupcakes

Here’s a cool way to serve up an ice cream sundae – next time you’re having friends over for ice cream, quietly add made-from-scratch chocolate cupcakes in the mix. Everyone’s reaction will be well worth the extra effort. (via Cooking Classy)

The Ultimate Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie Sundaes

Peanut butter brownies and a hot chocolate sauce collide to create a super-premium palate-pleasing dessert that everyone who loves PB + chocolate will not be able to get enough of. Ice cream *not* optional. (via Bless This Mess)

Follow Our Recipes For The Best Ice Cream Sundaes!

Roasted Strawberry Sundaes

There’s nothing like a few minutes in the oven to intensify the sweetness that strawberries already have. Talk about a flavor explosion with this recipe! (via Simple Bites)

Caramel Apple Ice Cream Sundae

It doesn’t get much better (or iconic) than caramel and apples. One bite of this creamy fruit ‘n’ caramel confection, and you’ll be extra appreciative of Johnny Appleseed’s efforts. (via Cookin’ Canuck)

Peeps Ice Cream Sundae

Hmm… wondering what to do with all those Easter Peeps? Here’s a bright idea: Melt them into a sweet pastel syrup and drizzle over some ice cream for the *ultimate* spring treat. You’re welcome! (via Kleinworth & Co.)

Fruity Pebbles Ice Cream Sundae

Fruity Pebbles don’t pack a standard flavor, and you better believe a breakfast-cereal sundae boasts serious benefits. Such as… a valid excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast. Score! (via Willowbird Baking)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Hot Fudge Sundae

Cookie dough. Hot fudge. Sprinkles. Caramel sauce. This ice cream treat is a marriage of all things good. We'll be dreaming about it until we can make it again! (via Creme De La Crumb)

Mason Jar Ice Cream Sundaes

Choose whatever flavors and toppings you please for your personal favorite sundae. Scoop everything into a mason jar, screw on a lid and it’s ready to grab and go when you want it. (via Dessert For Two)

Enjoy Our Sundae Recipe Ideas With The Whole Family

Brûléed Twinkie Ice Cream Sundaes

Our new motto: Twinkies on everything! But seriously, don't you want to give this caramelized Twinkie treat a try? Have one with every bite, or just eat it on its own. (via Willowbird Baking)

30-Cup Ice Cream Tower of Doom

Talk about ginormous! If you want to plan an off-the-charts ice cream binge, a giant sundae is the only way to go. Double dog dare you to try this! (via Handmade Charlotte)

Crispy Croissant Sundaes with Red Wine Hot Fudge

The Cronut craze almost made us forget about ordinary croissants but never fear – the original (and delicious) flaky pastry is about to make a comeback, starting with this ice cream sundae. (via How Sweet Eats)

Grilled Hot Fudge Sundae Donuts

When breakfast and dessert collide! Get ready for a treat that’s inspired *and* that's amazingly good. Ah, and grilled. What's more summery than that? (via The Curious Plate)

S'more Sundae Banana Split

What happens when you cross s’mores with a banana split? Why, only the most ridiculously delicious dessert of all time. People will trip to get their hands on this sundae! (via Lauren’s Latest)

What are your favorite ice cream sundaes? Tag us with what you're scooping on Instagram!

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Lead image via How Sweet Eats.

If you really think about it, with its beautiful costumes, romance, and beloved characters, Bridgerton COULD be considered an IRL Disney movie. Especially since Julie Andrews narrates, which is a role she plays in Disney's Enchanted! Well, after seeing a viral video that turned all our favorite Bridgerton characters into animated ones, I'm even more convinced this TV show would make a great cartoon.

First up, we see Daphne Bridgerton in a beautiful lavender gown. If you ask me, she is totally giving Jane from Tarzan (okay, if they ever make another live-action Tarzan, Phoebe Dynevor HAS to play Jane!), while Kate Sharma reminds me of Beauty and the Beast's Belle. Claudia Jessie's Eloise reminds of Barbie as the Princess And The Pauper or Sony's The Swan Princess which I'm not mad about. Plus, just looking at this animated Penelope, you can tell she has all the grace and kindness (and unexpected edge) that Nicola Coughlan brings to her.

TBH, Simon looks just as handsome as a cartoon as he does in the Netflix series, and both Anthony and Benedict are incredibly dashing. However, this does Colin dirty because he is so much more handsome in real life.

While the video is super fun to watch, the comments are even more fun to read through. "I WAS WAITING FOR BENEDICT AND WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED," one user says, while another agrees that "BENEDICT IS STILL FINE ASF."

"This style of Disney cartoon needs to make a comeback!!!!" a third user comments. The 2-dimensional style is so nostalgic thanks to all the movies we grew up with like The Little Mermaid andMulan, and I would love to see Disney bring it back.

What do you think about these Bridgerton cartoons? Check out these Taylor Swift Disney Movie Posters Inspired By Her Songs!

Lead image via Netflix

As a self-confessed fashion girlie, I have to say that I always like to feel good about my outfit from head to toe — even when I'm casually bumming it at the beach on vacation. Beach style is so unique with all its lovely straw and linen looks, so when I'm prepping for a day out in the sun like that, I especially love to have a fun — and practical — beach tote bag to feel prepared and put together. And while I'd love to have a designer special for every setting, finding these chic, beachy options on a budget always makes the look even sweeter. So I rounded up 9 beach bags that are fashion-forward, but still affordable so you don't have to panic when they get all sandy! Keep reading to see all of our chic cool-girl approved picks!

Shop Beach Tote Bags Here!

Gap X Love Shack Fancy Tote Bag

Love Shack Fancy is one of those brands that is absolutely killing the game at the moment. Everything they release is so on-brand and fun and this adorable tote bag is definitely just that! It's floral and fun and totally adorable! We love this affordable collab and think you should definitely grab it while it's still on sale!

BDG Urban Outfitters Mini Tote

A mini tote is perfect for all you ladies that only need the essentials: sunscreen, lip balm, and a book or two. This bag fits just enough items and it's great that you don't have to lug around a huge bag. At $39, this bag is a steal and so cute!

Damson Madder Bon Appetite Bag

Damson Madder is another brand that has such a unique style that is so recognizable when you see it. This bag just encapsulates them as a brand and is the perfect beach bag. It can fit lunch (which is perfect since its print is food and the name is "Bon Appetite") and any other essential you'll need for the beach. Obsessed with this one!

LL Bean Boat Tote

The OG tote bag that is very on-trend recently because you honestly just can't beat a classic! I love the idea of monogramming this sweet bag with your initials or a cute phrase. This beach tote will never go out of style!

Staud Raffia Moon Bag

This one is more expensive than our previous, but I wanted to include it in case you're going straight from the beach to lunch or dinner. The shape is very on-trend at the moment and it's the perfect day-to-night bag! It looks so high-fashion and luxe with its simple yet unique shape.

Ganni Denim Tote

You can't do beach totes without including this iconic Ganni bag that's everywhere at the moment. I see so many pictures of this when I scroll on Pinterest. This one will definitely make you look like a cool-girl influencer that you see all over IG.

Aloha Splash Proof Sun Bag

This splash-proof bag is not only adorable, but also practical as well. It's simple yet fun — and is also super affordable at under $70! The perfect beach bag that will fit anything you need!

Carhartt Fruit Tote Bag

I'm loving printed bags at the moment, so here's another one to add to the list. Carhartt has been releasing so many good items and this is one that's currently on my wishlist! Whether you need it for the beach, the gym, or school — it will definitely work in a ton of different scenarios all-the-while looking extra cute!

Djerf Avenue Tote Bag

Djerf Avenue has been one of my favorite brands for years and this tote bag will really carry absolutely anything you need! It's massive and extremely durable plus the print is so cute! With this bag, you'll look like a Scandi-girl angel!

Looking for more awesome pick? Sign up for our shopping newsletter, and be sure to check out our Amazon storefront for more editor-approved products!

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Lead image via Urban Outfitters.

After you've finished crying over your favorite Sally Rooney book (and Daisy Edgar Jones & Paul Mescal in the Normal People TV show...again), wipe your tears because the cover for Sally Rooney's newest novel is finally here! The new book, Intermezzo, is coming out this fall, and we have all the important info you need to know.

See The Cover for Intermezzo by Sally Rooney!

Image via Farrar, Straus and Giroux

The Intermezzo book cover definitely has some intrigue and mystery, but the color palette and classical elements like chess pieces prevent that mystery from feeling sad or scary. Sally Rooney is known for her bright covers and this one will look great beside the rest of her books!

What is the plot of the Intermezzo by Sally Rooney?

Image via Pixabay/Pexels

Intermezzo follows successful lawyer Peter and competitive chess player Ivan, two brothers who couldn't be more different, but when their father dies, they're brought closer in a whole new way. As Peter struggles to balance multiple romances and Ivan becomes involved with an older woman, the brothers have to "find out how much one life might hold inside itself without breaking," according to the synopsis.

When is Intermezzo coming out?

Image via Abby Chung/Pexels

Intermezzo hits stores September 24, 2024. You can pre-order the novel now.

Why do people love Sally Rooney so much?

Image via Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Sally Rooney's books resonate with readers because of how realistic they are, and how raw her characters' relationships are. She doesn't shy away from the complexities of being human, but even though her stories can be heartbreaking, she writes in such a beautiful way that I don't even mind!

What does Intermezzo mean?

Image via Christina Morillo/Pexels

According to Merriam-Webster, an intermezzo is a "movement coming between the major sections of an extended musical work" or a "usually brief interlude or diversion." I'm definitely thinking the book will emphasize how Peter and Ivan's struggles are brief, and how family bonds (and FOUND family bonds) are stronger than any heartache we go through.

Check out The 27 Most-Anticipated New Books Debuting In 2024 for more!

Lead image via Farrar, Straus and Giroux

There's a super cute video of Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones that's floating around, and I have one question: are they secretly dating? It may not be fair to ask, but I can't help it — I just love a celebrity couple! Plus, I mean, if someone could catch my attention at a literal Gucci fashion show like Paul and Daisy here, I'm thinking we're definitely more than friends because hello? GUCCI? Nothing could break my gaze from all that goodness unless I was head-over-heels for someone.

Viral video aside, it's hard to ignore their steamy chemistry in the TV adaptation of Sally Rooney'sNormal People, or their Met Gala run-in. However, the pair hasn't officially released a statement that confirms — or denies — anything. Given all that, here's what's evident about the nature of their friendship...and potential relationship.

Paul Mescal And Daisy Edgar-Jones Share THAT Met Gala Moment

Image via Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

After they took the world by storm as star-crossed lovers in Normal People, Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones reunited at the Met Gala in 2022. While they got their own shot together (pictured above), they also shared a moment that you'd miss if you blinked. In a moment of what seems like pure pining, while Paul Mescal and Phoebe Bridgers snap a photo sure looks like his gaze leads right to one miss Daisy Edgar-Jones.

Later that year, during her Elle UK interview, Daisy Edgar-Jones revealed she was a fan of Paul Mescal's mustache. Up until that point, he hadn't been sporting any facial hair, so it was nice to see her supporting his new look. She said, "Oh, I love it. Paul can pull off anything." Hmm...I see. 👀

Paul Mescal And Daisy Edgar-Jones Support Each Other When It Counts Most

Image via Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Hulu

In a beautifully captured moment, Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones embraced after his acceptance of a British Independent Film Award for Aftersun. This also occurred in 2022 and it makes me think this could indicate the turn of their relationship, if they're actually dating...

Daisy Edgar-Jones Has The Famous Chain From Normal People

Image via Enda Bowe/Hulu

Connell's chain in Normal People is, was, and always will be iconic. There's just something about it! Well, earlier this year, Paul told The Times that Daisy actually has Connell's original chain from Normal People, despite how much fans on the internet coveted it themselves.

And the way he revealed this information? Even better. The writer thought Paul was wearing the chain during the interview, but he wittingly proved otherwise. "It’s not...Daisy has that one," he said. SWOON!!!!!

What's the final verdict?

Image via Enda Bowe/Hulu

As much as I'd love to know if Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones have a special thing going on, Grazia seems to be convinced they're actually just really good friends who care about each other. It's honestly not much different than my Bridgerton faves, Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton. I guess all the on-screen chemistry in the world doesn't a relationship make...yet. 😏

I guess for now we'll just have to keep dreaming, or writing fan fiction!

Are you convinced that Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones are more than just friends? Let us know in the comments!

Lead image via Enda Bowe/Hulu