Wait, what? How has it taken Taylor Lautner THIS long to join Instagram?! If you鈥檝e been anxiously awaiting those shirtless selfies and behind-the-scenes celebrity hangouts, it looks as though your day has finally come. Taylor has officially joined the social media network, and has done so not with an epic travel photo like Halle Berry, but instead with a hilarious video featuring not only Adam Sandler but also David Spade 鈥 oh yeah, and Adam鈥檚 adorable bulldog.

Taylor captioned his short film, 鈥淗ello Instagram! It only took me until the year 2016 to finally join, sorry I鈥檓 so late to the party haha. Huge thank you to my buds @adamsandler and @davidspade for helping me introduce my page.鈥

Throughout the minute-long video Taylor playfully brainstorms ideas for his first Instagram post with Adam. When he proves to be no help, Taylor moves on to David Spade, but he too seems to be reluctant to help the poor guy out. But wait! The Twilight star has had a winning card in his back pocket the whole time. As a last-ditch effort to get Spade鈥檚 help, he tells him, 鈥淚鈥檒l give you Taylor Swift鈥檚 cell phone number.鈥 LOL! We鈥檙e loving the creativity Taylor, keep it comin鈥.

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(Photo via Jamie McCarthy/Getty)