If there’s one thing we can count on the entertainment industry for, it’s hair inspiration. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic chop or a quick 5-minute style, celebs are constantly sharing their covetable locks on Instagram. This week we’re coming at you with a couple of mega dramatic transformations (ahem, T. Swift), some seriously chic “s waves” and of course a lot of Coachella-inspired looks. Scroll on down to check out the best celebrity hairstyles we spotted on Instagram this week.

1. Taylor Swift: You never really know if those crazy hairstyles celebs rock on magazine covers are real, but it looks like Tay actually went bleach blonde for her Vogue shoot. We are definitely digging the update (and that bomber jacket).

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2. Gigi Hadid: Did Gigi just take a style cue from Zooey Deschanel? Kind of, sort of, not really. At the MTV Movie Awards Gigi showed up sporting a full set of bangs but, alas, they are fake. (PS, are clip-in bangs about to become a thing?! TBD. And if you ask Kristin Cavallari, the answer is yes.)

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3. Kylie Jenner: Another day, another crazy hair color from this Kardash. However, given Kylie Jenner’s history with wigs, we’re guessing this is just another one from her epic collection.

4. Katherine Heigl: And the award for most dramatic transformation goes to… Katherine, duh. She snapped this photo of her girls’ night out yesterday but forgot to mention one major thing: she left all her hair at home. We’ll admit Katherine’s pixie cut took us by surprise, but we’re digging it.

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5. Hailey Baldwin: In preparation for that little music festival happening this weekend (ahem, Coachella), Hailey Baldwin decided to skip the flower crown and instead dress up her tresses with this fun (and totally unexpected) shade of gray.

6. Gina Rodriguez: Wow, can you say hair goals? Adele’s makeup artist blessed us with a cat eye tutorial — if Gina’s hairstylist could do the same for these picture-perfect waves that would be great.

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7. Sophie Turner: Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner showed up to the show’s season six premiere sporting the most epic of crown braids. Sansa would be proud.

8. Lupita Nyong’o: Ooh but hold up! It looks like Sophie has some competition for “best-braided hairstyle of the week.” Considering this one is actually three braids wrapped up into one hair headband, we might just have to vote for Lupita’s look.

9. Ellie Goulding: Ellie captioned this snap of her perfect blonde locks, “sweat hair.” If our hair looked like that after a workout, we’d definitely be hitting up the gym more often. Unfortunately, when we’re done it looks less like perfect beach waves and more like someone poured a bucket over our heads. What workout are you doing, Elle?

10. Khloe Kardashian: Can someone just officially crown Khloe the queen of the top knot? That messy top knot mixed with those loose curls are basically the perfect combo.

What was the best celebrity hairstyle you spotted on Instagram this week? Tag us in their post @BritandCo.