The onslaught of after-holidays engagement announcements just keeps coming, with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham most recently showing off a nice rock at the Golden Globes. While Taylor Swift and boyfriend Calvin Harris have been the target of much will-they-won’t-they engagement speculation, there don’t seem to be any plans just yet. But that didn’t stop Swifties from wildly speculating that a random fan might have ruined a planned proposal. The pair were dining at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, CA, when a fan by the name of Ricky Selby, seated nearby, asked for a picture. Not just any picture, though – this hilarious kid sat down at the table and started looking over a menu.

dinner date

“Awesome dinner with mom and dad,” the caption said. WE’RE DYING. Taylor’s fans found the pic (of course), and some commenters seem to think Ricky might have interrupted Harris’ plans to propose. Of course, that’s a preeetty big leap, but not as big a leap as the other commenters confused (betrayed?) by the “mom and dad” bit, wondering if Taylor might have had a secret son this whole time and is being found out. Ricky didn’t acknowledge the conspiracy theorists, but did get in the comments to tell everyone how nice Taylor was.

According to Ricky’s Instagram, he seems to like surfing, snowboarding, swimming and hip-hop. Oh, and being super hilarious.

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(Photos via @rickywselby and Jason Merritt/Getty)