We’re used to an untouchable Taylor Swift, a version of Taylor that’s pretty much flawless. Some said this version of Taylor was somehow still relatable, which added to her charm, while others might argue that her flawlessness — her ability to leave the gym, for example, looking like she didn’t even know the word “sweat” existed — made her seem like she was on some sort of pedestal. That thing that celebrities have, where we know they’re just like us, but somehow… not.

Taylor Swift

But recently, Taylor Swift’s image has taken a few left turns (but, y’know, not quite enough left turns to end up back at the start). She’s reportedly been banned from all of Tom Hiddleston’s events so as not to overshadow his accomplishments with buzz about their relationship. Kim and Kanye (okay, pretty much just Kim, the social media savant) revealed that, all along, they’ve had footage of her listening to segments of the song she said she didn’t hear. She’s also been seen doing things like this weird crab walk to avoid paparazzi (which really, we’re just including because it’s funny).

The thing is, these left turns have started a new era for Tay. A decidedly less golden era, for sure — but a new one, just the same. Maybe she’s been humbled by her Kimye feud, maybe she’s laying low while she records new music, maybe she’s just doing a lot of deep conditioning treatments on her hair to get it back to its former glory pre-bleach days — but whatever the reason, she’s a normie just like the rest of us now, as proven today by this tweet from Twitter user Madi, whose mom (a regular person!) just happens to be at jury duty with Taylor Swift (a… regular person?).


Previous versions of Taylor would likely be brunching right now, recounting details from last night’s VMAs, but this year, she actually didn’t attend — and now we know the REAL reason why. Because she’s a regular person, just like us, and she had to be up early to be at jury duty on time.

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(Featured photo via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty)