Sometimes, running a corporate social media account seems like more fun than you’d expect. While not everyone gets to be, say, the Royal Family’s official tweeter, every once in awhile the person behind a major social account can do something super hilarious — remember #TeaLizard? Then, there are those moments when a a company’s social rep says what we’re all thinking. Last week, Staples Canada called out Kris Jenner on Twitter… and it was just a little too on-point.

When Kris Jenner tweeted out a photo of her newest jewelry collection, people took notice of the interesting styling of the necklace she wore in the promo photos.

The necklace, which retails for $175, bears a striking resemblance to a paper clip chain. Staples Canada couldn’t help themselves, and took to Twitter to let people know that the decidedly unique necklace didn’t go unnoticed in the land of office supplies.

We’d expect this kind of sass from celebrity bloggers, but Staples? In Canada no less? That’s some next level comedy, if you ask us. And, TBH, we see a potential office supply DIY in the Staples Canada tweet. That necklace is giving us some major back-to-school vibes, and it’s only July!

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(h/t Buzzfeed. Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty)