It’s been a pretty crazy week in the world of celeb — Disney World closed its doors in the face of Hurricane Matthew, Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint, putting her family’s reality show on hold indefinitely, and Lindsay Lohan lost part of her finger in an insane boating accident. Yet through all of their trials and tribulations, one thing remained consistent: their ability to take some (borderline) truly amazing selfies. We’ve gone ahead and ranked them all, with a one being on the cool-but-also-kinda’-lame side and a five being INSANELY awesome, so tune in below to find out who made this week’s final cuts.

1. Jennie Garth, Selfie Rating 4: Not only does Jennie score MAJOR points for posing with her old 90210 buddy, Tori Spelling, she gets double points for tipping us off to the fact that her old gal pal is giving Kate Plus 8 a run for her money, “Congrats to my beautiful friend,” Jennie writes of Tori’s fifth pregnancy. Holy smokes! The only thing that would make this shot better is — you guessed it! — one Brenda Walsh! Minus one point.

2. Christina Ricci, Selfie Rating 3/5: Taking a cue from Zayn Malik, who debuted his new clean-shaven face last week in stellar social media fashion, Christina’s selfie had a dual purpose. Not only did she add to her growing collection of front-facing snaps, she also showed off her new ‘do, writing, “New hair!!!!! I stole it @lady­_larson, I hope you don’t mind!!!!!” Psh — with a super cute cut like that, how can she be anything but flattered? Three selfie stars!

3. Kristin Cavallari, Selfie Rating 2/5: Kristin knows a genuine smile is always a winner in any selfie book. While she loses two points for lack of, well, everything else, that megawatt grin is enough to earn her a solid two.

4. Halle Berry, Selfie Rating 5/5: Halle, let us count the ways we love thee. First, there’s that sleep mask: WHERE can we find one of those bad boys? Next, the activity: midday naps without a care in the world? A girl after our own hearts! And finally, that toothless Adele tee? Sorry, Kendall Jenner — you’ve been had, because Halle’s tee trumps EVERYTHING. 5/5!

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5. Demi Lovato, Selfie Rating 2/5: Demi may not be great at laying off those social media contros (so not cool), but she sure knows how to take one heck of a good makeup-less selfie. Gorgeous as she is, though, we’re docking three points for a lack of creativity, since Gwyneth Paltrow just did the exact same thing last week — ZZZZ!

6. Nicole Richie, Selfie Rating 4/5: We know they’re sisters-in-law now and all, but we will NEVER get over seeing these two goofballs hanging out together. EVER. 4/5!

7. Hilary Duff, Selfie Rating 2/5: Hilary keeps us guessing with her obligatory tat shot, leaving us to speculate about the “rose tat” she hinted at in her caption with @­_dr_woo_. Though she did offer up a shot of her killer new rose in a subsequent pic, it’s this one that really caught our eye with its two for intrigue!

8. Kat Dennings, Selfie Rating 4/5: Kat gets a four here simply for being a quick study. Two weeks after we bestowed a perfect five upon Kristen Bell for her amazing pizza selfie, Kat shows up with this familiar-looking icon on the Ellen show. Coincidence? We think not.

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9. Rihanna, Selfie Rating 1: Spoiler alert: Rihanna can pull off any look, ever, in the history of man. Swapping out her usually perfectly coifed mane for a more traditional ‘do, Rihanna proves you don’t need a whole lot (she, like Demi, also appears to be makeup-less) more than the skin you’re in to… wait for it… shine bright like a diamond (HAD to).

10. Danica McKeller, Selfie Rating 5/5: What’s better than one flashback sitcom duo (we’re looking at you, Jennie and Tori)? TWO flashback sitcom duos. Wonder Years’ Winnie, Danica McKellar, met up with her Wrong Woman Lifetime co-star, who just so happens to be STEVE URKEL from Family Matters in the flesh, and we pretty much lost our damn minds. Instant 5.

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