Disney Parks are all about fairy tales and make-believe, but every once in a while, even they have to deal with reality. With Hurricane Matthew bringing category four winds to Florida any time now, evacuation orders are in effect, and those in the area are stocking up on emergency supplies, boarding up their homes and getting ready to hunker down for the storm. Businesses and attractions in the area are also prepping for the unusually intense weather, which means Disney World has taken the rare step of completely shutting down.

The current plan is for the park to close down at 5pm Thursday, but will open again Saturday morning. However, with the unpredictable nature of the storm being the ultimate factor in the decision, things could change according to the weather.

Disney World has only closed on three prior occasions due to hurricanes, once in 1999 for Hurricane Floyd and twice in 2004 for Hurricane Frances and Hurricane Jeanne.

Though Disney likes to be prepared for any and all incidents, with a hurricane this severe and potentially dangerous, it sounds like the park has made the right move in keeping its visitors safe and sound.

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(h/t TMZ; photos via Disney)