According to science, we’re all bad at email. But it’s one thing to send too many emoji and exclamation points or misjudge your tone in your reply; it’s a whole other thing to make one of those huge, earth-shattering, fireable-offense-approaching mistakes where you accidentally send your boss something they were never, ever meant to see.

woman stressed out at laptop

If you’re currently hiding in the supply closet hyperventilating over an email-send mishap, relax — it’s probably not as bad as you think. In fact, it could probably be way worse. So to help you calm down, here’s our list of the top 10 worst things we could possibly email our bosses:

1. A link to the Brit + Co article on how to deal when you’re SUPER mad at your boss.

2. Replying all with “[Boss’s name] needs to chill” when you meant to vent just to your work wife.

3. A bunch of gibberish your cat “typed” by sitting on your laptop when you were working from home.

4. A LinkedIn notification that you’re “Currently looking for new opportunities,” because you forgot to turn off the auto-updates.

5. An accidental invite to your happy hour with coworkers that was supposed to be a bitching session, but now is just another awkward work event.

6. The no-holds-barred resignation email that’s been sitting in your drafts folder “in case of emergency.”

7. The draft for your Tinder bio you meant to send to your bestie.

8. An accidental hyperlink to the “Puppies Herding Ducklings” video you watched on repeat all morning, instead of doing your latest sales breakdown.

9. A picture of that gross mole/wart/zit you meant to send to your friend who’s a doctor.

10. “I love you.”

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