There’s no better way to break up those long days of winter than with a vacay. If you’re a beach babe, a skiing aficionado, or a party animal, we’ve rounded up five travel options that’ll get you through those long weeks before spring starts. Between the discounts and variety of things to do, these locales are sure to hit the spot when cocoa on the couch simply won’t cut it. Keep scrolling to start planning your next trip.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: If watching the World Cup wasn’t enough to make you want to visit this South American city, its beautiful beaches and nightlife scene sure will. While laying out at a screensaver-worthy spot in the dead of winter is hard to beat, the lavish festivities of the Carnival celebration may have it topped. The event runs from February 9 to 14 and promises to feature lots of music, dancing, and street parading for its one million attendees. If you don’t want to miss out on a good party, this is where you need to be.

Willemstad Curacao

2. Willemstad, Curaçao: Craving Caribbean? Consider this colorful Dutch island known for its lively restaurants and architecture. In addition to having sunny beaches (which is always a good thing in February), the signature style of colonial Willemstad is a warm welcome for any wanderlusting visitor. Lonely Planet ranks this as one of the most affordable tropical destinations to explore, so there’s really no excuse not to book a visit here during this time of year.

New Orleans Louisiana

3. New Orleans, Louisiana: If you’ve been dreaming of experiencing a REAL Mardi Gras celebration, this is the year to do it. With the city celebrating its 300th anniversary on February 13, the festivities promise to be as grand as ever. The tricentennial event will feature a whole lineup of cool shows and performances. Whether or not you’re interested in participating in the whole bead-throwing, Bourbon-Street thing, the people-watching paired with great culture will make this place worth the PTO.

Salt Lake City, Utah at twilight

4. Salt Lake City, Utah: If you’re as pumped about the Winter Olympics as we are, Salt Lake City is the perfect place to fine-tune your own cold-weather athletic skills. Visit any of the area’s four famous ski resorts during peak season to get your powder fix, or try bobsledding or curling at Olympic Park. Either way you play it, this is the best city to visit to get ready for your Olympic debut.

Reykjavík, Iceland

5. Reykjavík, Iceland: If seeing the Northern Lights is on your bucket list, Reykjavík is the place to cross it off. From February 1 to 4, the Winter Lights Festival will be held in this capital city to honor the brilliant auroras. Peak season to see the Northern Lights is usually between November and March, when the nights in Iceland are long. If the entire idea sounds too cold for the time of year, rest assured you’ll stay warm and cozy at Reykjavík’s famous thermal pools. Be sure to pack your swimsuit!

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