Nick Viall may have earned a rep as the underdog of the Bachelor universe, but it looks like one of the 30 ladies from the upcoming season may have indeed captured the 36-year-old’s heart. While there’s been buzz that he may already be engaged and news that someone from his past makes a dramatic return to the show (eep!), the fella himself has confirmed what we all want to know: He’s “definitely found love.” Now the only question is, who’s the lucky lady?

Nick Viall

While chatting with reporters this week, Nick revealed various details to ET, including the fact that he’s approaching the entire sitch “differently” this time around, and when it comes to advice, he did NOT seek any from former (in)famous flames Kaitlyn Bristowe and Andi Dorfman.

“It certainly wasn’t a priority at all to get their advice,” he explained. “I didn’t reach out to them at all. Andi did reach out [with] a simple text to wish me luck, and it was a very gracious text, but certainly no advice was given, and certainly no advice was asked.” And when it comes to Bristowe, Nick admitted that he hasn’t “had any contact with Kaitlyn at all.”

And though it seems like Nick’s previous love interests are all in the past (despite rumors that he dumped Jen Saviano to become the Bachelor), apparently, there’s a big shock in store with someone from Nick’s past popping up. “I can’t give too much detail away, other than the fact that I didn’t know that someone from my past would show up. Certainly when that happens, I think anyone would be shocked. As far as how it all plays out, or what I thought about it, I think that will be a very compelling part of the first episode.” Whoa. Can’t wait to see who that might be.

Whatever twists, turns, trials and tears crop up this season when it premiers Monday, January 2, Nick has no doubt we’ll be entertained with his search for his leading lady. “I can say I definitely found love. I really won’t be able to get into much more detail about that other that. But… I certainly have no regrets.”

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(h/t ET; photo via Jeffrey Mayer/Getty)