While it’s not easy to make the transition from summer party season to the back-to-school grind, nothing softens the blow quite like shopping for stylish essentials. And there’s no time like the present! Before you know it, your calendar of summer BBQs will be replaced by Halloween parties, and you’ll be forgoing suits and sunglasses in favor of cozy sweaters and fall layers. Rather than resist the inevitable, let’s embrace it with open arms. These back-to-school decor essentials from IKEA are just the ticket to getting you pumped and ready to take on the upcoming school year in style.


1. TOFTBO Bath Mat ($10): After a long night of studying (that’s what you were doing, right?), it can be tough to wake up and face the day. A bold and colorful bathmat is just what you need to brighten up any morning.


2. LUGGA Scented Block Candles ($6): Sweet-smelling candles in equally sweet colors? Yes, please. Combat the stresses of studying and endless piles of papers with these soothing vibe-makers.


3. FEJS Wall Clock ($10): Hmm… is it a coincidence that this clock stops at happy hour? We think not.

Computer stand

4. BRADA Laptop Support ($5): Endless hours hunched in front of the computer takes its toll on your posture. Straighten up in style with this lovely (and uber cheap) laptop support.

End table

5. VITTSJO Laptop Stand ($30): Speaking of laptops, pair your support with this simple stand to type out your term papers from the comfort of your couch. And your pajamas, if we’re being honest.


6. GITMAJ Fabric ($6): This one is for all you DIY goddesses out there. Use this fabric for any of your next crafty projects to make them pop with personality.

Frame hanger

7. KNOPPANG Picture Ledge ($7): This might not look like much at first glance, but it’s bursting with decor potential. Mount one or 10 in your living room to give your pictures the professional-looking treatment they deserve.


8. STUGVIK Hook With Suction Cup ($10): Apartment dwellers know the space-saving magic that portable hooks can bring. Portable hooks in fun colors? Even better. Put them to work in your closet to make room for all of your new fall threads.

Hanging organizer

9. SKUBB Organizer ($7): Another space-saving wonder, this is the ultimate in cute closet organization. It’s perfect for shoes, sweaters and everything in between. Simply put, you need this in your life.

Ice cube trays

10. PLASTIS Ice Cube Trays ($1): We didn’t know you could get anything for $1 these days, let alone this bundle of cuteness. Step your hosting game up for nearly nothing with these clever cubes.

Laundry basket

11. TORKIS Flexible Basket ($5): Oh laundry, you’re no fun to do, but you feel so good when you’re done. At least with this basket, you can inject a little style into the drudgery.

Laundry hangers

12. PRESSA Hanging Dryer ($5): What’s worse than squeezing into jeans fresh out of the dryer? Um, nothing. Forgo the dreaded dryer-shrink with these inventive air dryers.


13. RAMSTA Light Chain ($15): Long live the twinkle light! Add a bright burst of happy to your space with these cute twinklers.


14. SALTROD Mirror ($60): Look great and save space with this colorful wall mirror. The hooks are perfect for keeping your necklaces from entangling themselves per usual.


15. UNGDOM Mug ($5): There is no caffeine without a mug to contain it. Drink as much happy juice as your heart desires for the cost of one skinny latte.

Office chair

16. LILLHOJDEN Swivel Chair ($80): Knock out homework while sitting pretty in this swivel chair. The neutral color and subtle design will go well with virtually any decor sensibility.

Organizer boxes

17. SVIRA Box ($10, set of three): Organization fanatics, rejoice! Now all of your miscellaneous bits and bobs have a happy home.

Plant pot

18. SKURAR Plant Pot ($4): The lacy design of this planter is a most lovely complement to indoor greenery without compromising visual space. It’s perfect for both apartment- and dorm-dwellers.


19. PAPAJA Plant Pot ($2): If you prefer to make your plants pop, you can’t go wrong with these colorful pots. And at $2 a pop, you probably need all four.

Shelving unit

20. KALLAX Shelf Unit ($65): Now this shelving unit is just begging to be hacked. Paint it, stack it and pack it ’til your little DIY heart is content.

Shoe drawers

21. TRONES Storage Cabinet ($40): Use these as individual storage, or stack them for a makeshift hanging cabinet. The organizational possibilities are endless!

Shower curtain

22. DRAMSELVA Shower Curtain ($10): So fresh and so fun. We’re loving the clean design of this flowery shower curtain.


23. DITO Flatware ($20): Eat like the queen that you are using these jewel-toned beauties. They’re so pretty that no one will suspect all of the nights you forgo flatware in favor of all the pizza.

Throw blanket

24. OFELIA Throw ($30): We found your new favorite Sunday companion! This has Netflix binge sesh written all over it.

Throw pillow

25. GULLKLOCKA Cushion Cover ($7): Soft, neutral and trendy at the same time, this cushion cover will not disappoint. Unless, of course, you don’t scoop it up ASAP.

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