Think back to your time as a kid with your coveted colorful lunch box, fun stationery sets, quirky animal pencils and that rainbow spotted leopard backpack you toted on and off the big yellow bus. Chances are, these fierce, fashionable accessories were created by ’90s icon Lisa Frank. Today, finding original Lisa Frank merchandise is a little trickier. Sure you can harness that ’90s spirit with a rainbow spotted donut. Or jump on the Lisa Frank adult clothing collection trend. But if you’re you still yearning for that original Lisa lunch tote to come back, there are actually some vintage LF finds you can snag in the magical world that is the Internet. Some of these gems might cost a pretty penny, but just think of all the rainbow-filled nostalgia you will be bringing home.

1. TheVintageSummer Golden Retriever Trapper ($58): You probably had an LF three-ring binder in middle school, but now it’s time to use it to store your adult homework. The vibrant golden retrievers coming out of this rainbow sandcastle are just what you need to spruce up your desk decor. You’ll for sure be the talk of the water cooler.

2. TheVintageRealm Lisa Frank Unicorn Towel ($300): Now you can sport the iconic unicorn in your bathroom or at the beach. This one’s a true investment for any serious Lisa Frank fan.


3. ThNice Vintage Lisa Frank Stationery Hunter the Leopard Tin ($50): The tale of little Hunter the multicolored leopard is printed on the back of this collector’s tin. Just think: You can keep all of your vintage LF stickers in here, or any other knick-knack you need to keep safe.

4. FreetoToastShop Neon Iridescent Kitty Cat Lisa Frank Ring ($15): Finally, a Lisa Frank item that you can wear. Who wouldn’t want to sip after-work cocktails and reminisce about your Lisa Frank childhood days wearing this ring? Cheers to hearts and rainbows and kittens and *all* the LF things!


5. ElecticEmbrace Kitty Vintage Lisa Frank Post-It Cube ($20): Use this cube to hold all your paper clips or weigh down your papers. The adorable LF kitties and bubbles combo will keep you company, rain or shine.

6. LessthanZero Rolling Luggage Chaser & Lollipop Carry All Case ($50): Taking this Chaser and Lollipop carryall to the airport might get you some good stares. If you want to keep it in pristine condition, use it to store all of your other childhood memorabilia. Either way, it’s just the vessel you need to show your LF pride.

7. VTGDallas Rarer Hunter the Leopard Animal Styled Backpack ($150): Backpacks are all the rage for fall fashion. Bet you’ve never spotted one like Hunter before! He truly is a rare Lisa Frank species.


8. Lorenaslittleshop Lisa Frank Stationery Box ($84): You’ll whaley love this vintage LF find. Keep your day doodles alive with orca and sea creature printed paper, envelopes, stickers and, yes, even stencils. And just look at how adorable those little penguins are!


9. CollectorsWarehouse Golden Retriever Puppies Sticker Set ($3) Your ”thank you” card envelopes just got 10 times cuter with these authentic Cassie the golden retriever and the little red cardinal sticker set. They’re *almost* too cute to share. Just make sure you save a few for your collection.

10. CollectorsWarehouse Ultimate Sticker Set ($19+): Puppies, unicorns, dolphins and kittens, oh my! With over 1000 stickers, this is the ultimate sticker collection for the biggest Lisa Frank fan. Slap ’em on your desk accessories, cell phone case, photo collages, etc. The possibilities are endless!


11. FigureFighter Snap Notebook ($37+): Daydreams are meant to be recorded in a kitten and bear Lisa Frank notebook. Tote it along on your next adventure and get ready to be inspired by all that cuteness.


12. FutureFighter Vintage Lisa Frank Pencil Purse ($132): A friendly Lisa Frank panda like this one is THE way to organize your gel pens and retro pin collection. It’ll have all your ’90s kid friends and coworkers envious over your furry Lisa Frank original.


13. FutureFighter CleoCatra Binder ($148.00): It doesn’t take a lesson in history to discover what a national treasure this Egyptian Lisa Frank CleoCatra binder is. You can use it or frame it and call it art. No judgment here.


14. OffthePedestal Vintage Lisa Frank File Folder ($50, set of 10): Keep your important documents safe and sound in these vintage LF Rainbow Reef and other characters file folder set. You can say goodbye to those dull nude file folders and say hello to some old but still playful friends.


15. NostalgiaMama Rose Art Markie Frame Tray Puzzle ($18): What would you say to a little LF framed art to hang near your workspace? Framing this vintage LF puzzle is one way to hang onto the vividly bright Lisa Frank magic for decades to come. Plus, unicorns are really trendy again.


16. PinkFlyingPenguin Halloween Pencil Set ($10): Scoring some Lisa Frank treats this Halloween is better than any candy. Scoop up these vintage Lisa Frank Halloween pencils for a spooky-good price of 10 bucks.


17. SillyChumble Vintage Lisa Frank Trifold Anana Organizer ($20): Organizing your addresses or Netflix premieres couldn’t be cuter with this fun LF design. It comes chock-full with a planner, memo pad and stickers.


18. GreanLeafStationery Lisa Frank Notepad ($2.50): Kitties, puppies *and* cupcakes? Lisa Frank knows the way to our color-loving hearts. Keep your thoughts in check and your refrigerator restocked with these purse-size LF notepads.

19. CindyKorner Vintage Lisa Frank Kola Stickers ($15): Who knew Kolas were a part of the LF animal kingdom? Well folks, they are. Also note that the LF koalas are very rare. Cutesy rainbow koalas are a necessary staple to any Lisa Frank collection.

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