For this first official weekend of spring, we’re hoping to hit the park and rock a yard game or two, and maybe bring back a round of rainbow shots, even though St. Pat’s is behind us. But now, it’s time for magic, marvels and miscellany. Also known as the BritList.

1. Surf Sauna: Looking to rent a sauna on the go? Why not? You should be. But for real, this would be really awesome for a ski weekend or oceanside beach rental.

2. L.A. Heat: Sriracha Week may be over but the world’s obsession with hot sauce is everlasting. The latest example of this? An art exhibition titled L.A. Heat that celebrates taste-changing condiments like Sriracha and Tapatio.

3. Bouchon Chair: This is a chair that looks like a champagne cork. That’s all.

4. Bulldog Puppy Rolls Down a Hill: Press play and experience pure joy. Then go back to your Friday.

5. Bacon Grilling Rack: BBQ bacon? Yes. YES! As silly as it seems to buy a rack designed specifically for bacon, you have to appreciate the efficient design.

6. Molli Flashlight: We can’t decide if this odd or awesome. Maybe both? It’s a flashlight designed to make fumbling around at night a little cozier.


: Everything about this party is right. The dipped napkins, the floral tablecloth, the striped chargers. Swoon.

8. The Portlandia Activity Book: I have a Law and Order blooper reel at home on VHS but no VCR. Do you have one? #analog

9. Taco Bell Hot Sauces in a Bottle: Think outside the bun… AT YOUR HOUSE.

10. Cross-Stitched Microbes: There’s something seriously dark about these, but we love this remix on traditional cross-stitching.


: What happens when you’re a photographer and spend a week with your friends’ new baby? A TV-themed photo series, of course.

12. IKEA Tennis Trainer: Apparently IKEA is now getting into fitness hacks? Okay.

13. Bedazzled Banana: Bedazzling can be taken to the next level, according to artist Luciana Rondolini. See also: The Million Dollar #Egg.

14. Type-Inspired Glasses: This might be the ultimate in cool geekdom.

What’s the best thing you’ve seen online this week? Share a link with us in the comments below.