Happy Friday readers! It’s another sunny feels-like-summer day here in San Francisco, and we’re getting pumped for a weekend filled with robotics (Maker Faire is here!), absurd Bay to Breakers costumes and maybe even a little R&R. But before we close up shop for the week, it’s time for the BritList.

1. A Short History of Photographic Camera: Though the camera has definitely come a long way, it’s kind of amazing to see how similar early ones are to present day.

2. Ombre Dishware ($10): Don’t these dishes just make you want to have an outdoor dinner party, like, now?!

3. Parks and Rec-Themed Engagement Photos: How awesome is this? And this couple didn’t even have to go all the way to Pawnee to snap these photos — the city hall in the show is actually located in Pasadena.

4. Kanye West-Inspired Cake: Genius. Just genius.

5. Mad Men ‘For Your Consideration’ Emmy Campaign: These genius ads for Mad Men’s Emmy campaign would make Don Draper extremely proud.

6. Close-Up Portraits Taken Under UV Light: This series by Brooklyn-based photographer Cara Phillips celebrates so-called “flaws” by exposing them under UV light.

7. Kittens as Pop Culture Characters: You thought you saw the cutest thing on the Internet today. Then you saw this.

8. Burger Bangle: Need some arm candy? Er, arm comfort food??

9. Electrique D’Orsays ($208): If you’re looking for a comfy but stylish summer wedding shoe, look no further than these electric orange flats.

10. Summertime Party Balloon Set ($8): And finally, it’s (almost) summer time!

What did you pin, share or tweet this week? Talk to us in the comments below.