This week has been a jet-setting one for the crew at Brit + Co. We’ve ventured to Chicago, Atlanta, Texas, New York, and North Carolina, all in a matter of days! But you know one way we always feel grounded? A good session of giggles and guffaws courtesy of the BritList.

1. Miniature Toy Vignettes: First off, how creepy but amazing are these miniature toy vignettes? We particularly love the Mini Me Minnie Mouse showdown.

2. Paula Deen Butter: We never knew we’d ever have a reason to share this brilliant Deen With It GIF with you… and then Paula Deen released her official butter collection at Walmart. What!? (Animated GIF via Robot in Disguise)

3. Garden Party Straws: Throwing a fancy garden party? If not, these straws will make you want to! :)

4. Cody Coder: Now this is a children’s book after our own hacking hearts. It’s an e-book geared at 3-8 year olds for getting familiar with using HTML to build websites. (This would also be great for grownup HTML newbies!)

5. Kiwi Candles: Candles that look like kiwis. Why not?

6. Will Smith, Jaden Smith, Alfonso Ribeiro, and DJ Jazzy Jeff: Will Smith basically won the Internet two weeks ago by beatboxing while his son rapped, bringing out DJ Jazzy Jeff and performing the Fresh Prince Rap, and then bringing out Alfonso Ribeiro who did his iconic Carlton dance to Tom Jones. #WINNING

7. Dropshades: These didn’t quite make it into this month’s Kickstarter roundup, but they’re a prime item on the BritList. These shades are audio responsive and “dance” to the beat of the music. PARTY ROCK!

8. Up-Themed Proposal: How cute is this? An Up-themed proposal sure to make you tear up.

9. $3 Million Dollar Mobile Home: Officially dubbed the eleMMEnt Palazzo, this insane mobile home is the bees knee’s in Dubai, at just $3 Million. It’s 40 feet long, includes a 40-inch flat screen TV, rooftop cocktail lounge, master bedroom, fireplace, and underfloor heating. Wow.

10. Air Curler: It’s a tornado for your hair. (Related: It Sucks As It Cuts)

11. Pizza Lover’s Dream Oven: Are you ready for a dream-like oven? This piece of kitchen awesomeness includes a dedicated pizza drawer just for cooking pizza. Seriously. The term “dedicated pizza drawer” now exists.

12. Movie Kit Prints: Last, a gorgeous set of prints based on the essentials you need for iconic movies. We love the Moonrise Kingdom one the most.

What goodies have you seen online this week? Share links with us in the comments below.