Happy day after the 4th of July! If you’re lucky enough to get today off, get out of bed, grab your sunnies, and get yourself outside! You can always read the BritList on the go, you know :)

1. New York Times “Who Made That?”: We’re loving the trend of unconventional stories that’s been going on at the NYT. This beautiful interactive piece answers the question of “Who made that?” about things like cat videos, the Cuisinart, band-aids, and more. It’s beautifully designed, and just the right amount of quirky and informative – a combination we happen to love.

2. The French Press of Bel-Air: Now this is a story all about how, I make killer coffee, I’m the best around. Or something? We have little to no context for this hilarious photo, but we had to share.

3. A Comic Book for the Blind: This cool project is a Braille comic book depicting the story of life through geometric shapes and relationships.

4. The Almighty Board: Imagine an iPad that could double as a cutting board, kitchen scale, and more. This concept is a dream we’re waiting to see come true. It’s the ultimate tool for the shortcut chef!

5. Color Block Platforms + Roller Skates: We’re always looking for new ways to color block it up and Fred Flare’s got two totally unusual pieces of footwear inspired by ’60s and ’70s teen trends.

6. Dodecahedron Fire Pit: Since geometric objects are all the rage, why not hit up Etsy for a dodecahedron fire pit? It’s the obvious thing to do.

7. Break Dance, Not Hearts: Big ups to Swiss Miss for finding this amazing t-shirt. We totally agree with the sentiment :)

8. Watercar: Described as the “world’s fastest amphibious vehicle,” the Watercar is like an amphibian! It can drive on land, on water, but not yet in the air. Stay tuned.

9. The Middletons Plate Set ($24): We love this whimsically illustrated melamine plates, based on a family called the Middletons – no, not Princess Kate’s fam. Designed by Marco Cibola, each plate is meant to represent a subtle change in personality.

10. 3D Printed Foot Saves Duck’s Life: You read that right. A 3D printed foot saved a duck’s life! How cool is that?

11. Illuminated Water Installation: This dreamy installation was created with 800 condoms filled with blue water and LED lights. We love the underwater vibe and would love to stroll through this piece.

12. StickyGram: Thanks to the folks at StickyGram for partnering with us on our Selfies in our Sunnies contest on Instagram. Winners got a pack of custom magnets made from their Instagram photos! Be sure to follow Brit + Co. on Instagram for more fun contests, behind the scenes action at Brit HQ, and more.

What’s the best thing you’ve seen online in the last month? Share links with us in the comments below.