Back to school and office organization madness continues here at Brit HQ, from color-dipped file organizers to analog bookmarks to a whole bunch of bright ways to deck out a basic canvas laptop case. As we head into the weekend, however, we turn our attention to silliness, sharks, and the Ramen Burger.

1. Wood Veneer Eames Chairs: Created using 3D veneer technology, you can now get those iconic Eames chairs in gorgeous wood veneer. That’s right, we used “gorgeous” and “veneer” in the same sentence ;)

2. Chocolate Covered Beef Jerky: What could be better than beef jerky? Jerky covered in chocolate and studded with cherries? Jury’s out, but it’s definitely interesting.

3. FlameStower: Ready to be the geekiest camper around the campfire? This gadget charges any USB chargeable device via fire. Seriously.

4. Modern Graphic Quilts: Who knew quilts could be so modern and graphic? We haven’t swooned over a quilt this hard since Haptic Lab’s Map Quilts.

5. Next-Level Rice Krispie Treats: Brand new New York sweetery (is that a word?) Treat House serves one thing and one thing only: tricked out Rice Krispie Treats. Flavors include chocolate mint, blueberry pie, lemon-infused marshmallows, birthday cake with cake flavored marshmallows, s’mores, and peanut butter cup. NOM times ten.

6. Fake Daria Movie Trailer: If only! Aubrey Plaza makes a pretty perfect Daria, don’t you think?

7. Pug Purse: Bookmark this next to that Animal Face t-shirt you’ve been eyeing.

8. Drink Preservers: So you’ve got a float for your own pool comfort, but what about your drink? This adorable life preserver fits most standard cans, cups, bottles, and the like. Umbrella, pool, and pineapple not included.

9. Ramen Burger: Internet, prepare yourself for a new New York food phenomenon. Cronuts are so last month! The rage now? A burger made with ramen buns. Do with this what you will.

10. The Best Dressed Dog on Instagram: This dog has serious style. We can’t wait to see what sartorial skills crop up now that he’s become a media darling.

11. Chumbuddy: Haven’t you always wanted to nestle up in a shark? Celebrate the end of Shark Week by treating yourself or a friend to this hilarious sleeping bag.

12. Dog Milk Features Our Very Own Aaron + Porter: And finally, speaking of pups, our very own Aaron De Simone and his pooch Porter were featured in Dog Milk. Aaron runs the design team here at Brit + Co, and Porter has been a feisty and welcome addition to the Brit + Co. family. Woot woot!

What’s the best thing you’ve seen online this week? Share links with us using the form below. Happy Internetting!