Peeps, October is NEXT week! What?! I know. September flew by lickety split, and now we really need to start narrowing down our Halloween costume options ;) But before we get stressed about which Katy Perry costume to be, let’s take a moment for a few more silly, creative and OMG moments. Happy Friday!

1. The Craziest Thing We Can Do: Love this hand lettered illustration by Sean Tulgetske. Serious hat tip to Swiss Miss for introducing us to a brand new lettering crush.

2. Drake’s Emoji Tattoo: Yep, you read that right. Canadian rapper and songbird Drake takes emojis very seriously. But one pressing question remains: is it a high-five or a prayer?!

3. Recipe Card Set ($14): Go old school with this letterpressed set of recipe cards by local SF makers, The Weekend Press.

4. Lisa Frank X Urban Outfitters: It’s been a while since we hung out with our best-but-she-doesn’t-know-us bestie. This time, we’re ogling at a trio of costumes that are begging to make an appearance at the Brit + Co Halloween party.

5. The Dorito Pin: Um, what? Yep.

6. Ouija Board Mini Pouch ($44): Want the ouija without the creepy? ;)

7. Little Llama Costume: We always look forward to this time of year because we get to flex our own costume-making skills, but we especially love checking out creative ideas from the folks in our community. Today’s Hallo-crush? This little llama by Oh Happy Day. So good.

8. Sumo Egg Cups ($16): Why we’ve never thought of this before is beyond us, and now we must make eggs.

9. Pixel Customizable Waffle Iron: While we’re on the topic of breakfast, one of Quirky’s latest inventions comes in the form of a waffle iron you can customize. #PixelMorin definitely approves.

10. Get Your MAKE On Itching to learn a new DIY skill? Or just want to make something from scratch? For one more day, all of our e-classes and kits are 25% off. You can learn to sew, make your own cheese, turn photos into t-shirts and more — get on it!

What’s the funniest, weirdest or most creative thing you’ve seen online this week? Share a link or photo with us in the comments below.