People, Thanksgiving is less than a week from today! We鈥檝e been serving up about 1,001 delicious ideas for this fall feast, and now we鈥檙e counting down the days until we can get that sweet and sleepy tryptophan fix. Until then, we might as well feast our eyes on a little bit of everything, BritList style.

1. Merry Ludachristmas ($5): Is this the best Ludachristmas card ever? Yes.

2. Chelsea and Jesse鈥檚 鈥淭he Big Lebowski鈥 Wedding: Love Lebowski so much鈥 you want to marry the movie? These two did just that, and probably saved a ton of money in the process!

3. Kale-afornia Recycled Tote ($17): We will never get over the local punnery of this handy tote. It鈥檚 a great gift to give all the Cali gals in your life.

4. Photos Depicting Toddlers as Seniors: This series created by Zachary Scott for the New York Times definitely made us look, and look and look and look!

5. Emoji Disposable Camera ($14): We鈥檙e loving the fact that disposable cameras are having a renaissance, but with added bells and whistles. This one adds random emoji graphics to your images, and you have no idea what they鈥檒l look like until you get 鈥檈m printed! #liketheolddays

6. Custom Leather-Wrapped Flasks ($31): There are only a few more days to get your orders into the B+C Custom Shop! These leather-wrapped flasks are probably perfect for every single dude on your list.

7. Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glasses: You read that right. This tutorial will show you how to turn marshmallows into toasty shot glasses, so you can take a shot and eat it too.

8. White Elephant Everything: We love the silliness behind white elephant gifts, and are pumped to share an entire collection devoted to all things absurd.

9. Long Hair Don鈥檛 Care, Set of 8 Cards ($30): One too many holiday cards for one post? #longhairdontcare

10. Bad B*tches Doggy Hoodie ($80): And finally, the BEST canine apparel we have ever seen. And when鈥檚 the last time you listened to A$AP Rocky鈥檚 tough track?

Bonus! Happy Early Thanksgiving from Team Brit + Co :)