Did you know that today is National Joe Day? Truly the most random holiday we’ve ever heard of, which ushers us easily into today’s random assortment of finds for the week. Happy Friday!

1. Onehundredforty Tweet Art: Your tweets are works of copywriting art, so honor them with actual wall art made from your artful words.

2. 100 Years of Korean Beauty: Cut Video has done it again, and this time they’re taking us through an evolution of Korean beauty over the last hundred years. So cool. See also: 100 Years of Black Hairstyles + 100 Years of Beauty.

3. McDonalds Now Has a Lifestyle Line: Wait, what? PLEASE tell me this is an early April Fools’ joke?!

4. Art Made Entirely of Rubik’s Cubes: Think you’re a Rubik’s Cube master? How about creating large scale artwork out of those colorful cubes? We love this take on the pixelated aesthetic.

5. Alice Bartlett’s Diorama Nail Art: This is some seriously next level nail art, in the form of dioramas.

6. Sup Doormat ($50): If the coolest 8th grade boy when you were in 6th grade could turn into a doormat, this is what it would look like. Cue .

7. UP Balloon Coffee Table: How gorgeous is this coffee table? We are OBSESSED.

8. Insta-Crush: Flora Forager: Another week, another insta-crush! these floral creations by Bridget Beth Collins have us dreaming of spring blooms and botanical beauty.

9. Poop Emoji Bottle Opener: Finally, a bottle opener made to resemble our favorite emoji.

10. Crap Storage Box ($8): Speaking of… crap, I think everyone at Brit HQ could use a box like this under their desk.

11. Marina Zumi’s Rainbow Honeycomb: We are entranced by this mural and have officially added Halle, Germany to our dream creative team offsites list. The piece, called Honeycomb of Life, was created as part of the All You Can Paint festival and took 12 days to complete. (h/t My Modern Met)

12. Rainy Pot Flower Pot ($16): Also known as the cutest flower pot we’ve ever seen.

13. Like Creeper: OMG is this what has been happening with friends liking extremely old pics? Maximum creep factor.

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