We’re still reeling in the collective Bay Area afterglow of the Warriors’ victory earlier this week. But that doesn’t mean we’re lacking on our own collection of victories this week. We’re ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the applications that have started rolling in for the #IAMCREATIVE Foundation — if you haven’t taken a look at what this is all about it, get on it. And be sure to share with the creative women and girls in your life! On that note, we also happen to be hiring, and we’re looking for creative, clever and motivated rockstars to join our team. Apply now and maybe we’ll see you here in San Francisco!

Now, on to the randomness at hand.

1. Vegan Taxidermy: First up, we’re in major *like* with Brittany Powell’s series of Vegan Taxidermy. Red peppers, tomatoes and zucchini all look pretty good mounted on the wall.

2. USA Flag Sunnies ($10): Two weeks until the 4th! Will there be watermelon? Will there be fireworks? Will there be flag sunnies? We hope the answer to all three of these things is YES.

3. Spam Portraits: What’s an artist to do when she’s found wondering about the personalities behind the people she receives spam emails from? Illustrate their portraits, of course. Artist Hannah Warren has turned junk email into art by highlighting the charm, humor and absurdity in some of the message she receives. The peddler of waterproof matches looks pretty darn cool in this imagined portrait.

4. Light-Up Canvas Sneaks ($68): What. Yes. Adults can wear light-up sneakers too!

5. DIY Perler Bead Clock: Now this takes a love of perler beads to a totally awesome, well-designed new level.

6. Sushi Towels: How clever are these? Designed by Jenny Pokryvailo, they are kitchen towels that are woven in a way that makes them look like sushi when folded and rolled correctly. So fun!

7. LEGO Wedding Cake: [Insert cleverly worded sentence about building a beautiful life together, block by block] ;)

8. 2 Kinds of People: Lots of tabs and lots of alarms? Guilty as charged.

9. Hand-Painted Metal Cocktail Shaker ($18): This gorgeous shaker will definitely up your summer cocktail party game.

10. The Real Housewives of Westeros: This show NEEDS to exist. Brought to you by fictional network Braavos, this on-point parody does its best to fill the post-GoT season finale void. (h/t POPSUGAR)

Have a great weekend, y’all!