Spooky scary — it’s Friday the 13th! But, it also happens to be the lovely day before the 14th, and we’re last minute-ing it up here at Brit HQ to make tomorrow the best Valentine’s Day ever. And speaking of star-crossed love, let’s get on with the BritList… starting with Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan ;)

1. The Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan 1994 Museum: Honestly, we need to tell this to you straight from the Kickstarter page:

We have a hallway in our apartment we would like to convert into the Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding 1994 museum.

A couple weeks after moving in they watched that documentary about Tonya Harding on Netflix (it’s really good you should watch it).

They realized their hallway would be the perfect place to house a museum dedicated to the 1994 American incident and the response. They were honestly pretty shocked there wasn’t one already.

Part of the museum team’s research has been the realization that everyone is either a Tonya or a Nancy (if you’re thinking about it, you’re a Tonya. This of course is made more confusing by the fact that if you immediately thought you were a Nancy, you are most definitely a Tonya. The only real way to be a Nancy is to have very long lines in your body. If you thought you were an Oksana Baiul, well, aren’t you just perfect, WE SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOU).

With a goal of $75, they’ve already gone above and beyond and raised $677. Amazing.

2. Cat Sitting by the Heater Like a Human: Just. This.

3. Flirtmoji: These emoji are definitely NSFW, like NS at ALL. In fact, we picked the safest one to show you — but you should definitely click through and prepare to blush.

4. Freaker Feet: Wait a second… Yep, that’s right. The company that brought you the coolest cozies ever is now cozying up your feet!

5. Heinz Sriracha Ketchup: This exists, and burgers will never be the same.

6. WTF Should I Do With My Life?: Need some career advice? There’s now a random-job-generating website for that.

7. Moscow Mule Cocktail Set ($99): Class up your cocktail hour with this gorgeous mule set.

8. Hot Dudes Reading: #NoKindlesAllowed

9. Let’s Be Weird Together: That’s what Valentine’s Day is for, after all.

10. Leather Fringe Jewelry Kit ($35): Okay, we are seriously obsessed with one of our latest DIY kits. It provides you with gorgeous pieces of leather and findings to make a whole bunch of individual pieces. So cool!

11. Want John Legend to Be Your Wedding Singer?: The answer is YES. This charitable offering is part of the Show Me Campaign and benefits rebuilding the auditorium at the former South High School in Springfield, OH. What do you get? A private John Legend concert at your wedding or other event (birthday parties, going away parties, and parties for no special occasion are all welcome!). Plus, he will actually HANG out at your event. What?!

12. Tiny Hamsters Go On a Tiny Date for V-Day: There’s a tunnel of love, a totally creepy human voyeur and the Lady and the Tramp scene is recreated. What more do you need to know?

Happy day before Valentine’s Day!