Did you know that this entire week and weekend is a palindrome? 5/15/15, 5/16/15 and so on. So there’s that. Now, onto the silly, the strange and the scintillating. Oh, and slightly offensive :)

1. The Fat Jew Launches “White Girl Rosé“: What’s that we said about being slightly offensive? Well here we are, or actually, here the Fat Jew is. In a business move of utter genius, The Fat Jew has announced that he is launching his own rosé. Aside from vowing that “White Girl” is “gluten-free… It’s everything-free,” the tag line is what takes this to the next level: “This is so us.” And if you have no idea who The Fat Jew is, you need to follow @thefatjewish on Instagram immediately. (h/t Page Six)

2. Hello Kitty Dim Sum Restaurant: Another day, another Hello Kitty restaurant opening! Starting June 1 in Hong Kong, Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine is slated to serve up Hello Kitty shrimp buns and a whole host of other traditional dishes made to resemble Hello Kitty. According to Eater, Owner Man Kwong “plans to serve a menu of around 37 dishes, including buns made to look like the character that take 17 steps to make. Kwong says that he wants to ‘stick to all-natural ingredients’ because clean eating is important to him.” What does eating clean mean in this case? That Hello Kitty’s face will be made from ingredients like beetroot and squid ink. Amazing.

3. Block Shop: We are straight up in love with Block Shop, a textile company that marries Indian hand block printing with modern designs inspired by California. As with all traditional Indian block printing, the entire process is manual, so no two textiles are exactly alike. (h/t Design Milk)

4. Marble Balloons ($14.70 for 10): Okay, marble balloons are officially a thing. When I was at design and gift show Unique LA last weekend, these marbly darlings where in every other booth!

5. DIY Alphabet Gummy Candy: Created by Brittni Mehlhoff of Paper & Stitch, these typographic gummies are officially on our must-make list.

6. Cutest Capes Ever: Forget about capes being reserved for Halloween and sleepovers; these cute capes by lovelane are hipster-ready every single day of the week.

7. Crushing On: Inaluxe: Huge swatches of color, nature-inspired shapes and patterns and a decidedly graphic aesthetic, Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd’s Inaluxe is most definitely on our crush list. Aside from aesthetic loveliness, their motto really resonates with us: “Make it beautiful, and use the best materials possible.” Done and done.

8. Boys and Their Cats: What do you do when you’re a photographer with three sons and two cats? If you’re Beth Mancuso, you make a photo series based on the natural moments between your boys and their kitties throughout their lives. The moments are both candid and posed, and offer a glimpse into the bond that has formed and continues to form as the boys grow up. See more by following @manicmotherphotography on Instagram.

9. Pictogram Movie Posters: Love this series of movie pictograms, now available as posters in My Modern Met’s shop!

10. Colors by Keetra Dean Dixon & JK Keller: Also known as the coolest crayons we have ever seen. Each set of crayons is handmade by melting down, shaving and combining crayons to create a completely unique pack each time.

11. KFC Double Down Candles: Remember the Double Down? That dream (nightmare) of a sandwich that contains “bacon, two different kinds of melted cheese, the Colonel’s secret sauce… pinched in between two pieces of Original Recipe chicken filets.” Yeah. That one. Well, it’s now available in candle form. Kentucky Fried Candles, comin’ right up. Happy Friday!