It’s no secret that we like #thingsorganizedneatly, but self-styled “manipulator” and professional photographer Giulia Scalese made us fall in love with them all over again. Her site, The Collecteur, is a high-fashion collection of quirky imagery that she styles with a big attention to detail and a big sense of humor.

She’s like the Salvador Dalí of fashion.

Scalese works in Pittsburgh as an artist, and she created The Collecteur just this past spring as a place to share fashion still life like monsters made from Prada shoes and chic portraits made from only a Valentino scarf and a pair of dangly earrings. Oh, and that one time she made a bowl of noodles look like it was worth a fajillion dollars.

Check out a few more of our favorites below. You can also purchase limited edition prints in Scalese’s online shop if you simply must one of these creations in your home.

We know we do!

Does anything in your closet have this much personality? Let us know in the comments!