If you were brave enough to watch last night鈥檚 Dirty Dancing remake, then you were surely cringing HARD throughout. Though the promised changes to the classic script attempted to put a new twist on the beloved story 鈥 like Lisa鈥檚 interracial crush and the glimpse we got into Baby and Johnny鈥檚 future 鈥 nothing (NOTHING!) could save this lifeless retelling. And if the way viewers dragged it is any indication, they were definitely less than impressed.

Abigail Breslin

While there鈥檚 no denying that any remake of Dirty Dancing has A LOT to live up to (with plenty of fans feeling like it shouldn鈥檛 be remade at all), ABC鈥檚 version was simply鈥 well, brutal. At least, if Twitter reactions were any indication.

With lead actors that arguably lacked chemistry, unnecessary alterations, and way too many WTF moments, fans of the original were absolutely lit over the remake.

Plenty of peeople admitted they were watching out of sheer horrible fascination and twisted obligation鈥

And were quick to compare the current cast to the original鈥

And Baby鈥檚 dancing? Just鈥 no鈥

Though the ending followed through by showing us Baby and Johnny years later, it was beyond obvious that it was a HUGE mistake鈥

And no one was shy (at all!) about sharing their offended sensibilities鈥

Frankly, the most entertaining part of the remake was the hysterical tweet-storm it provided鈥

Although ABC can still redeem themselves鈥

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(Photos via Mark Sagliocco/Getty, ABC)