Let’s be real, sometimes just getting to the gym can be a workout itself. But once you’re there, choosing where to get your first sweat session in can be just as tough. Do you head straight for a treadmill workout? Or is weightlifting more your style? Now, thanks to a new study, we have a peek into the gym machine preferences, preferred workout times and fitness levels of exercise lovers everywhere.

FitRated.com observed 225 people at three different gyms using different exercise machines and found across genders and age, dumbbells were the most commonly used machine, followed by the elliptical and treadmill. On the other end, the rowing machine came in as the least used machine; however, the people who did use it were the fittest. Dumbbell users were second, but sorry, cardio lovers — elliptical and treadmill users were on the lower end of average fitness level.


They also looked at gym goers’ fitness levels, ranking them anywhere between one and five with one being least fit and five being most fit. Not surprisingly, millennials seemed to be the fittest, with people between the ages of 20-25 being 33 percent more fit than anyone over 55.


When it came time to look at girls vs. guys, they found that men overwhelming preferred the bench press and incline bench press while women opted more for the treadmill and elliptical.


They also found that afternoons were the most frequent time of day for gym goers and that, no matter the time of day, dumbbells were always the most popular piece of equipment. But in the morning, more people make a beeline for the treadmill than any other machine, while the elliptical rises in popularity later in the day.

The takeaway? Everyone lifts weights, so give the rowing machine a go… your fittest self awaits.

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(Charts via FitRated.com; featured photo via Getty)