Sometimes it’s hard to get rid of the things you’re attached to. We get it. While other people may be out there freaking out over the latest devices, some of you are A-Okay with what you’ve got. It still works, right? But if you’ve been holding onto your old tech, waiting for a reason to update, here it is: Apple could be deeming your favorite device “obsolete.”

Turkey, Bolu - November 02, 2013: Close-up on hand of women using the white Apple iPhone 4s in the forest.

The iPhone 4 and the Late 2010 13-inch MacBook Air will officially be deemed obsolete by the end of the month. That means that Apple will no longer offer parts or repairs on these devices. So if you break them, starting in November you’re SOL — you’re going to have to update. Or you can try to source the parts from somewhere like eBay and repair your broken phone yourself (or source someone else to do it for you).

For those who are wary of upgrading phones because of size, consider picking up the iPhone SE. It’s got the same processor/features as the iPhone 6, but it’s only four inches big (which will feel super comforting to current iPhone 4 users). And keep your eyes peeled for laptop news from Apple, as the company is expected to debut new MacBooks by the end of the month.

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(h/t 9-to-5 Mac; photo via Getty)