Not all iPhones are created equally. As the days go on, we keep learning more and more about the iPhone 7. There鈥檚 brand new portrait mode, that weird glitch that some people were experiencing during unboxing and the phone鈥檚 super short battery life. But now we鈥檙e learning something completely new.聽Apparently, according to new tests, there鈥檚 one version of the iPhone 7 that runs slower than all the others.


It鈥檚, as you may have guessed, the lowest tier of the iPhone 7 line-up. The phones that come with 32G of storage (both the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus) read and write data slower than the聽128G option. But how slow? In testing, the 128G phone was able to record 10K video and trim it in half three times as fast as the 32G option. (The 256G model was not tested.)

However, the 32G iPhone 7 is still faster than the聽64G iPhone聽6S. And it鈥檚 unlikely that you鈥檒l really be affected by the iPhone 7 32G鈥檚 speed, unless you鈥檙e switching back and forth between devices. But if time is of the essence and every second counts, you now know which phone is best for you.

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(h/t BGR; photo via Apple)