We could be hopping in our aerocars and heading back to Orbit City soon! The beloved cartoon The Jetsons may be getting a modern-day (but still futuristic) makeover. The revival can’t come soon enough: In a world where Amazon’s Alexa can help you find an outfit, Google Home can distinguish your voice, and robotic furniture can transform your room upon request, we’re about ready for a new wave of tech goals.

The Jetsons

TVLine reports that Warner Bros. is developing a remake of the Hanna-Barbera series, though it won’t be exactly like the reruns you remember from childhood. The new Jetsons will reportedly be a live-action sitcom set 100 years in the future. (The original cartoon was set in 2062, 100 years ahead of its 1962 release.)

The original series aired on ABC and followed the enviable space-age lifestyle of George Jetson, his wife Jane, daughter Judy, and son Elroy, with their maid Rosie the Robot. Hanna-Barbera was also responsible for the show’s Stone Age predecessor, The Flintstones.

While the studio hasn’t responded to the rumors, TVLine reports that the show already has an impressive lineup working on the show, including Family Guy‘s Gary Janetti and Academy Award winner Robert Zemeckis, both of whom will serve as executive producers on the show.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. continues to work on an animated film version of The Jetsons as well.

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(h/t TVLine; photo via Warner Bros./Courtesy of Getty)