There鈥檚 so much to love about Disney鈥檚 new sure-to-be classic film Moana. From its newcomer and all-star cast (including Mr. Sexiest Man Alive himself!) to Disney not giving its latest princess a love interest and letting her be the hero of the flick, it鈥檚 for sure going to go down as one of the all-time animated classics (even if it has courted some of its owncontroversies).

And what would a classic Disney movie be without an unforgettable soundtrack? After you鈥檝e lined up and seen Moana in theaters three or four times on opening weekend (admit it!), you鈥檙e going to have the songs stuck in your head for weeks. And there鈥檚 a reason 鈥 before buckling down on his next Disney project, the live action Little Mermaid, Hamilton鈥榮 Lin-Manuel Miranda brought his memorable musical skills to head up the music for Moana. Mark Mancina (who had a big hand in the Lion King鈥榮 soundtrack, and we all know how long we鈥檝e had those songs stuck in our heads!) was also a primary composer, as well as the hugely respected Oceanic musician Opetaia Foa鈥檌.

You鈥檝e probably already heard Alessia Cara鈥檚 鈥淗ow Far I鈥檒l Go鈥 all over the radio, but the version by Auli鈥檌 Cravalho 鈥 AKA the voice of Moana 鈥 is so lovely and powerful.

And yep, even the Rock gets his own song. Too charming.

It might not be traditional Christmas music, but this soundtrack is the unexpected feel-good addition everyone needs on their holiday playlist. Stream the entire thing right here via Disney Music.

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(Featured image via Disney)