Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is a few short weeks away. While some of us are content to simply celebrate Galentine’s Day instead, many people both coupled and single do love the day of romance. Maybe you’ll be celebrating a milestone anniversary this year, or are trying to play it cool with that new crush. You’ll also probably be putting a lot of thought into what you’ll wear on your romantic night out. However, new research shows that where you live can impact how romantic your Valentine’s Day will be, as well.

Romantic young couple kissing on beach, Coney Island, New York, USA

According to data compiled by, the top 20 cities for romance depend on a number of factors. Using sales data from over 100,000 residents per capita, the company looks at who’s buying romance novels, sex toys or steamy movies and what music and videos people are streaming to come up with their list. And the number one city might actually surprise you.

San Antonio Riverwalk, Texas, scenic river canal tourism umbrellas night

Amazon ranks San Antonio, TX as the most romantic city in the country. Not what you’d expected, is it? Miami comes in second, with Alexandria, VA in third. Possibly a surprise is that there are four Floridian cities on the list. Another surprise — nowhere in Hawaii or California even made the list, and Rochester is the only New York State city there.

While we’re positive it’s still possible to have a romantic time anywhere you are, we’re now super curious to know how you’ll be spending Valentine’s if you live in one of these cities.

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