Remember in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants when the same pair of jeans magically fit all four of them and you were like 鈥減sh, ya right鈥?鈥 A single pair of jeans that fits four different sized girls might seem pretty unlikely, but one dress that looks good on everyone? Well, apparently that exists.

The ONE dress, is an innovative garment designed to not only flatter ladies of all shapes and sizes, but can also be styled 50 different ways (yes, really). We鈥檝e seen versatile infinity dresses before, but this takes the concept to a whole new level. The dress, which is made from high-quality bamboo rayon, can be worn with long sleeves, as a shirt, MC Hammer-inspired pants or even as a mini skirt.

Oh yea, did we mention it鈥檚 also reversible? It comes in blue, green, cream, red, light grey, dark grey, black and white. You can customize your dress with whichever two colors you like best 鈥 but keep in mind that sometimes both sides show depending on how you style it.

This dress is definitely a game changer, but it鈥檚 making an impact on more than just your closet space. NuoMi, the social-minded, Shanghai-based fashion company behind the dress, employs previously homeless individuals and orphaned young adults to assist with production. They work to provide sustainable opportunities that allow disadvantaged Chinese to earn a living wage they鈥檙e proud of.

Currently, NuoMi is in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign for the ONE dress. Their goal is to sell 100 dresses ($99 each if you pledge now), which would mean they鈥檇 be able to: buy materials, launch production and hire three new makers to learn sewing basic. With the remaining money they hope to establish a 鈥渃ommunity workshop鈥 within their studio where people can come after hours to practice sewing and produce items from unused fabric.

Aside from the company鈥檚 noble mission, let鈥檚 talk about some seriously practical ways this garment could come in handy. You know those bridesmaid鈥檚 dresses that you鈥檝e been stressing over? Sorted. How about that three week vacation you鈥檙e packing for? Two of these dresses and you have nearly 100 different outfits. And what about for those workdays-turned-date nights with no time to change in between? With a quick switch up, you can create a totally new outfit.

So far NuoMi has raised $4,318 (about 23% of their goal). With 21 days left in there campaign there鈥檚 still plenty of time to pop on over and snag a dress of your own. Your closet (and, more importantly, three newly employed workers) will thank you.

What are your thoughts on this dress? Would you wear it?