In a federal court in Washington DC, a judge blocked part of President Trump鈥檚 attempt at removing transgender folks from serving in the military Monday, essentially stopping the Pentagon from overturning Obama-era protections for trans service people.

The court was actually hearing a discrimination case brought forth by a number of transgender military service personnel. The case, which was launched back in August, argued that the president鈥檚 decision was made unilaterally and, 鈥渨ithout any meaningful deliberative process and was directly contrary to the considered judgment of the military.鈥

US District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly noted that in part, the president鈥檚 announcement via tweet was problematic and that the president鈥檚 reasoning did not, 鈥渁ppear to be supported by any facts.鈥 Kollar-Kotelly also noted that the Armed Forces had also rejected the President鈥檚 initial request, leaving no doubt that she should block the attempt.

The president鈥檚 tweets back in July would have reversed an Obama-era protection that guaranteed that trans military personnel could serve openly. While the mandate was still under final review, Trump鈥檚 team argued that it was unjust and would be too costly to taxpayers, citing the cost of gender reassignment surgery being 鈥渢oo high鈥 for the government to pay for, as well as his argument that trans personnel created a hostile environment (both of these arguments have been thoroughly rebuffed by experts in the field).

Kollar-Kotelly upheld the plaintiff鈥檚 argument, saying that they, 鈥渉ave established that they will be injured by these directives, due both to the inherent inequality they impose, and the risk of discharge and denial of accession that they engender.鈥

USA Todaynotes that trans rights advocates are applauding the court鈥檚 decision, with Sarah Warbelow, the Human Rights聽Campaign鈥檚 legal director, saying in a statement, 鈥淭he immediate harm to our national defense and to the thousands of transgender people serving and wishing to serve their country must be stopped 鈥 and we are grateful that a federal judge has blocked this administration from discharging any qualified individuals because of their gender identity while these cases continue to make their way through the courts.鈥

With Kollar-Kotelly blocking the government from ejecting current serving trans people, as well as ensuring that new recruits can openly serve, CNN聽reports that the administration鈥檚 legal team tried to have the case dismissed on the grounds that it was too early in the rollout of the policy, which still has not been reviewed at any level of government.

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(Photo via Spencer Platt/Getty)