Don’t know if you remember, but Harry Potter was a freaking long story. J. K. Rowling, god love ‘er, wrote 1,084,170 words about this young wizard’s adventures (and misadventures) at Hogwarts. That’s 4,224 pages, which we know is a lot more than any assignment Professor Snape ever doled out. That said, somehow New York-based artist Lucy Knisley managed to sum up the entire thing in a single illustration!

Knisley expresses a love for comics and cartooning that started at a young age with Archie, TinTin and Calvin + Hobbes. According to her website, “she’s been making comics in some form or another since she could hold a pencil.” Her illustration work features plenty of editorial creations, including cephalopods on bicycles and this awesome drawing of Liz Lemon, but one of the most intricate is this Harry Potter summary, entitled “The SummHarry.”

Here’s a preview, but you can also check out the “ginormous full size version” on Knisley’s website!

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