Aaand just like that, graduation is upon us! Whether you’re the student yourself (congrats!) or you’re watching a loved one receive a diploma, graduation always makes us feel how fast time flies.

Graduation is a real milestone, which is why we teamed up with Studio Ink to put together gifts for your favorite grads to celebrate this huge accomplishment. While putting these together, remember that some of the best gifts you can give are your words. In each package, tell your grad how proud you are with a card. Studio Ink’s graduation line is funny, bright, and perfect for anyone who will don a cap and gown this summer.

Ready for some gifting inspo? Let’s dive in!

For the Business Major: If your grad is receiving a diploma in business and heading off to a job in the corporate world, she’s going to need the essentials. Give her the cutest desk accessories like gold paper clips, an acrylic stapler, gold scissors, a succulent, and a gold French bulldog tape dispenser. She would also love a stackable pastel lunchbox for her work lunches and a shiny business card holder for her to take to all the networking events.

Be sure to tell her to reach for the stars to remind your grad that she is capable of wonderful things.

For the Physical Therapy Major: For the grad who is passionate about health and is going into a career helping people stay fit, celebrate her with a Class of 2017 card and put together a package of colorful gym accessories. Add a colorful baseball hat, pom-pom hair ties, neon running socks, a water bottle, and a striped headband. Toss in some fun keychains for her to decorate her gym bag with too!

For the Art Major: We all have that artsy friend who constantly inspires us. For the art major who is finishing school to be an in-house designer or start her own freelance business, she’s going to need a care package as cool as she is. Pack a pair of gold earbuds so she can jam out while drawing, a sketchbook and colored pencils, a patterned camera strap, and paintbrushes.

Add in a pair of retro sunglasses that only she can pull off, some sparkly nail polish, and a Cheers card to celebrate her diploma!

For the Engineering Major: If your grad is heading to the Bay Area for an awesome engineering job at a tech company, she deserves major praise hands. The world can definitely use more female engineers. Help her decorate her new desk with DIY sushi pom-poms, a whimsical catchall, cactus string lights, and a fruity candle. Give her some practical items like a mini clipboard and bright dry erase markers. Be sure to tell her how awesome she is too.

For the Pre-Med Major: Okay, many hats off to this grad. Med school is no joke. If your grad is finishing school only to go to more school, put together a care package of stress relievers. Pack a head massager, a bag of coffee, a whimsical heart mug and travel mug, an aromatherapy candle, and a pencil pouch. Include easy snacks like instant noodles and granola bars for the late-night study sessions. Don’t forget to write her a card!

For the Grad Who’s Taking a Year Off to Travel: Your grad’s post-school plans might not be the conventional route but instead an overseas adventure! Gift this person everything she would need during this year of travel. Pack a passport holder, travel bottles for toiletries, a sleep mask, a DIY leather visor, a travel journal, and plenty of her favorite snacks to take on the go. Write about how excited you are for her adventures in a card.

You go, grad!

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Styling: Irene Lee

Photography: Chris Andre