What do Frida Kahlo, Tim Burton, Vincent van Gogh and Andy Warhol all have in common? Their artistic genius was initially born in their sketchbooks — which proves no masterpiece just happens overnight. It takes a lot of sketching, jotting and doodling to get your creative juices flowing like the Greats. Below you’ll find eight amazing artists’ sketchbooks that are sure to inspire you to create your next work of art.

1 frida

1. Frida Kahlo: Painting an intimate portrait of the last decade of her life, the great Mexican painter’s personal journal is filled with stunning watercolor illustrations, along with her deeply personal thoughts, poems and dreams. (via Another Mag)


2. Lisa Le Quelen: Nothing captures the ever-changing colors of the sea quite like these doodles. The UK-based artist says she sketches to explore different subjects and stretch her technical skills. (via Seaside Studios)

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3. Lisa Congdon: According to this illustrator and art teacher, sketching is a “very liberating experience” because there’s no pressure to finish a piece. We couldn’t agree more! (via Lisa Congdon)

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4. Ashley Goldberg: This Oregon-based designer plays with bright colors, unique textures and expressive patterns in her art journal — which ultimately inspires her portfolio pieces. (via Ashley Goldberg)

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5. Alisa Burke: It’s surprisingly simple to copy this stunning white on black artistic effect. First, apply a layer of black acrylic paint on the page, let dry, then doodle with a white sharpie. (via Alisa Burke)

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6. Lori Plyler: This creative endeavor gives new meaning to the term “joy ride.” The artist sketched these gorgeous flowers in her journal while riding in a car going 75 mph! (via Studio Waterstone)

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7. Elise Gravel: Children (and adults!) all love Elise’s books, which are filled with fun and whimsical sketches of animals and fantastical creatures. She also shares tons of her equally amazing sketches and doodles on her Instagram. (via @elise_gravel)

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8. Brit + Co: What if your sketchbook was a work of art in itself? With B+C’s Watercolor Sketch Kit ($29), you can DIY your own cover-to-cover inspiration. (via Brit + Co)

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