As if we didn’t have enough to worry about in terms of making sure that we set up all factors in our lives for romantic success, it turns out that even geography plays a role. While we’re not suggesting that you relocate across the country if your state isn’t one of the most advantageous for love, it definitely doesn’t hurt to have this information at your disposal in your search for a lasting relationship.

In order to determine the best states in the country for lovers, researchers from Michigan State University and the University of Illinois at Chicago studied survey data from over 127,000 adults across the US. The study measured levels of attachment anxiety (AKA the classic case of “being clingy”) and attachment avoidance (AKA being unavailable and distant), both of which are considered unhealthy in relationships, according to the experts.

Based on the metrics of this study, states that scored high on both of these extreme measures were considered the least advantageous for love. Further backing up these methods was corresponding data about marriage — states with lower incidence of attachment anxiety and attachment avoidance also have higher marriage rates.

Are you wondering if the state you call home is ruining your chances at a successful relationship? Read on!

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1. Mississippi, Utah and Wisconsin (tied for first)

2. Vermont

3. Alaska

4. North Carolina

5. Delaware

6. Minnesota

7. Oregon

8. California, Maine and Washington

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1. North Dakota

2. Kentucky

3. Kansas

4. South Dakota

5. Rhode Island

6. Ohio

7. South Carolina

8. Colorado

9. New York

10. Indiana

The study’s authors echo our recommendation to resist the urge to relocate if your current state didn’t make the top of the list. “We do not recommend changing all of the affectionate mottos used to describe places or finally moving out of North Carolina,” they wrote. “To a certain degree, positive relationships are found everywhere and transcend time and place. After all, home is where the heart is.”

We agree — but that doesn’t mean that we don’t maybe want our money back for all of that “Virginia Is for Lovers” swag we bought from the airport.

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