Summer is for relaxing pool side and indulging our inner child just a little bit, which is why when we see adult-friendly foods that are reminiscent of childhood, they tend to be the most exciting summer treats. With goth ice cream readily available for those of us with a sweet tooth, what about a more refined palate? With Frosé being last year’s go-to boozy treat, this year, one UK-based company is taking it one step further with their bubbly inspired popsicles.

POPS premium ice pops is a UK company dedicated to creating adult-friendly treats. One look at their Instagram account shows how different their flavors are from the regular old purple, orange and pink popsicles of our youth. Their latest lineup of Classic Champagne, Bellini and Frosé are not only reminiscent of those favorite flavors, they also contain around 4% alcohol, making them the perfect poolside treat for summer.

As with all amazing food trends, the catch with these POPs is that they aren’t (yet) available at any retailers in the US right now. But the company has online sales, and so far, no one is reporting a problem buying them, so you could give it a shot and see if a multipack of these boozy, sweet popsicles arrives in time for the Fourth.

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