For quite some time now, it’s been ALL about rainbows and unicorns: From hidden rainbow hair and rainbow highlighter to unicorn cakes and desserts, the multi-colored trend seems to be EVERYWHERE these days. But what about those of us with a darker side? Don’t worry — LA ice cream shop Little Damage has you covered. Bucking the notion that technicolor is the new black, the soft serve heaven is whipping up sweet treats as dark as they come.

And Instagram is taking note. The family-run business makes all its ice cream in house, creating unique flavor combinations daily, but it’s their charcoal-infused black waffle cone (made to order) that is the most snapped, preferably when it’s filled with the company’s matching black almond ice cream — you know, for that all-out goth inspired dessert.

For those who are both moody AND sunny, simply add some rainbow sprinkles, or fill your goth cone with some more colorful flavors, such as red beet, mango sticky rice, or the blue ice cream they call “Unicorn Tears” (though what that actually tastes like, we’re unsure). The shop is also mindful of lactose intolerant and vegan guests, with a rotating menu of allergy- and lifestyle-conscious snacks.

Sounds like an all-around win to us!

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(h/t Refinery 29; photo via Little Damage)