Legalizing recreational marijuana was on the ballot for a few (lucky? spacey? soon-to-be-hungry?) states last night, and while most of the nation’s focus was on who will be our next President, voters made their voices heard when it comes to lighting up. Find out which four states just voted to legalize recreational weed, and whether you can enjoy a puff or two yourself soon enough.


If you happen to live in California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada, you’ll soon be able to kick back with a little recreational weed. These four now join Washington DC, Colorado, Alaska, Oregon and Washington state to total eight states that now have legal fun-time marijuana.

Young couple smoking marijuana

However, those in Arizona voted no, so it looks like folks there are just out of luck for the time being. Though more positive news comes from Florida, Arkansas, North Dakota and Montana, who all voted to move forward with legalizing medical marijuana.

But before you fill your pipe, remember that the laws have not gone into effect yet, and each state will have its own rules around purchasing and using weed. Be sure you know what the sitch is in your own area before you spark up.

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(h/t Elite Daily; photo via Getty)