The status of marijuana use in America is kind of all over the place at the moment. It’s a substance that a huge chunk of Americans use on a regular basis, but it’s still having a tough time digging itself out of its long-standing prohibition. However, it’s looking like that might be changing. Microsoft made headlines a few weeks ago as the first major tech giant to invest in the marijuana industry, and now California has officially managed to get a vote for the recreational use of marijuana on the November ballot.

ready to roll a joint

But wait, isn’t weed already legal in California? Well, not exactly. Marijuana is currently only legal in the state for medicinal purposes, which is why you need to have a consultation with a doctor to acquire a card. Those are notoriously easy to get, but it’s that disguise that’s helped it become so much more accessible and accepted over recent years. The vote in November would be for recreational use, which means you’d be able to use if for more than your “chronic headaches.”

Currently, California is the only state on the west coast that has not legalized the use of recreational marijuana — Washington, Oregon and Alaska have all made the drug legal. And, of course, it’s also legal in Colorado.

Recreational marijuana use was put on the California ballot back in 2010 and did not pass at the time. But after 600,000+ signatures, it has officially made its way onto the ballot again for later this year. If it passes, people 21 and over will be able to possess up to an ounce at once and own up to six plants in their homes. It will be prohibited in places where tobacco smoking is currently prohibited and will be subject to a 15 percent tax (7.5 percent is the norm in CA).

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