Summer is the perfect time to indulge in fresh fruits and veggies. Whether you grow them yourself in a backyard garden or in a snazzy countertop hydroponic planter, or grab ‘em at the farmers’ market like a pro chef, enjoying the fresh taste and vibrant colors of produce makes noshing that much more fun. And if the fruit you’re eating happens to be the most adorable thing EVER, that doesn’t hurt either. Case in point: Check out the super cute cucamelon.

Cucamelon with watermelon

Grown in Mexico and Central America on grape-like vines and looking like a teeny, tiny watermelon (seriously, these things are a mere fraction of the watermelons we’re used to), they’re in fact not watermelons at all. Instead, they’re a type of cucumber that taste like conventional cukes with a hint of lime. Yum!


Although you can simply eat cucamelons on their own just as they are, they’re also apparently pretty awesome in salads or pickled (here’s how to quickly pickle something, if you happen to be interested in some pickled cucamelons… because who wouldn’t be?!).

The only problem is, can you possibly eat something so darn cute?

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(h/t Huffington Post; photos via Getty)