We’re always on the lookout for cool new ways to charge our devices. Well, we might have found the only wall charger you’ll ever need. We’re talking about thingCHARGER, a gadget that literally charges everything… and by everything, we mean over a BILLION devices. Yep, any device from any brand. Don’t believe us? Check out their compatibility guide here, and read on to find out how thingCHARGER does it.

thingCHARGER plugs into any standard US wall outlet. At less than one inch thick and with two three-pronged outlets on the front, it virtually blends into your existing outlet. It has two USB outlets on the bottom and another outlet on the top. thingCHARGER comes with multiple interchangeable charging tips that you can plug into the top of the device.

The charging adapters work with lightning connectors (think iPhone 5), 30-pin connectors (think iPhone 4), and micro and mini-USB connectors (pretty much everything else). They can be conveniently stored in the back of the charger when not in use. Oh, and did we mention you can stack two or three thingCHARGERS together and charge multiple devices at once? Sweet.

The wireless design of thingCHARGER is as simple as it gets. We love that it keeps your regular outlets free and chargers your other devices so compactly. Hello, organization! thingCHARGER is currently seeking funding on indiegogo. You can pre-order yours for $29 here.

What do you think of thingCHARGER? Are there any other universal chargers we should know about? Drop us a line in the comments below!