MAC Cosmetics is known for making headlines with their lipsticks, like their limited edition rainbow collection, but sometimes a tried-and-true color is hard to beat. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’re not surprised that MAC is releasing a new red, inspired by an iconic cartoon character, Betty Boop.

14th Annual Woman's Day Red Dress Awards

Betty Boop is known for her sex appeal (and that always-perfect hairstyle), and for being one of the first female cartoon characters without a male counterpart (YAAAS, girl!). While many have speculated she was inspired by flapper actress Clara Bow, she was actually modeled after the singer Helen Kane. She’s still beloved by many today, not least for her iconic choice of lipstick.

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MAC’s new shade is called Betty Boop Red, and it’s a bright true red, which means it would look good on cool and warm tones alike. The shade is set to be priced at $17 ($21 in Canada) and is available February 14 in the US and sometime in May internationally.

(Photo via MAC Cosmetics, Roy Rochlin/Getty)