Winter is well on its way and instead of buckling down during this blustery cold season, how about a trip someplace lovely and warm — like Disney World perhaps? If you’re ready to “let it go,” and head to Orlando, airline company WestJet wants to give you a lift. Their latest customized plane is a collab with the world-famous resort and theme park and is going to absolutely tickle Disneylovers ages 4 to 104 with its incredible bespoke paint job of Disney’s smash hit 2013 film Frozen. 


Ta-da! The Canadian airline enlisted the help of Disney artists to help design and create the plane. And yes, according to WestJet, the team did watch Frozen beforehand to get them into the right mood for the job. To get the job done right, it took 21 days of non-stop round the clock painting with six painter crews working 12-hour shifts to get it done. And the final results are soooo worth it.


If this amazing recreation of the cartoon sisters by a pro-airbrush artist isn’t enough to awe you, how about the fact that sparkles were added to the snowflakes to catch the light when the plane flies in the sun? Impressed now?


And yes, the inside is just as amazing as the exterior. The team left no corner of the plane untouched with its Frozen-inspiration. With nordic snowflake designs adorning each seat back + painted luggage compartments, this plane really wants to transport you to Arendelle, home of Queen Elsa and Princess Anna.


And of course everyone’s favorite snowman Olaf is going along for the ride too. Here he is hanging out on a beach and enjoying some summer rays because everyone knows that his favorite time of year is summer.

Check out the video of the making of the plane below.

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(h/t WestJet blog, photos via WestJet)