Even if you love being single 鈥 and, yes, there are plenty of reasons to love being single 鈥 you might want to explore your options. After all, it is cuffing season, and if you can鈥檛 beat 鈥檈m, join 鈥檈m.

Timing isn鈥檛 the only logistical variable, though. Location also matters 鈥 so, if you鈥檝e ever found yourself thinking, 鈥淯gh, it鈥檚 terrible being single here,鈥 you weren鈥檛 being dramatic. When it comes to quality of life for singles, not all cities are created equal! The analysts at WalletHub recently ranked 182 cities to determine which are friendliest for the romantically unattached.

Friends Enjoying a Meal

WalletHub鈥檚 list was assembled based on 32 key factors, including what percentage of the city鈥檚 population is single, nightlife options per capita, and the cost of dating. Taken together, these indicators are meant to give you a pretty good idea of 鈥渢he opportunities that each city provides for its single population,鈥 says WalletHub analyst Jill Gonzalez.

What鈥檚 harder to capture in a report like this 鈥 and therefore isn鈥檛 addressed in WalletHub鈥檚 rankings 鈥 are the qualitative aspects of dating. Is there a culture of friendliness and openness in the city? What are the attitudes about dating and marriage? How likely are singles in each city to follow-up for a second date if they鈥檝e had a great first meeting? Sadly, there鈥檚 no way to quantify the answers to all-important questions like these, which means they aren鈥檛 addressed in the research.

Still, WalletHub鈥檚 findings have something to teach us about the importance of geography and dating. If you鈥檙e unattached and in the process of finding a destination for your next move, be sure you鈥檙e looking at cities where you can pursue your own passions and favorite hobbies, because those cities are bound to attract others who are likeminded. Oh, and also, check the rankings, of course.

鈥淚n addition to job and cost of living considerations, singles should choose a city that provides opportunities to explore their own interests and values,鈥 Gonzalez says. 鈥淭his has the added advantage of placing them near potential romantic partners with similar interests and values.鈥

San Francisco ranked as the top city overall for singles, scoring high in both the number of dating opportunities 鈥 including active Tinder users 鈥 and fun attractions in the city. It鈥檒l cost you though; San Francisco was near the bottom of the list for the 鈥渆conomics鈥 rank, since restaurants, cocktails, and life, in general, tend to be very pricey there. If you鈥檙e looking for the highest number of singles, head to Detroit. Highest number of online dating opportunities? That鈥檒l be Gilbert, Texas. And if you鈥檙e just looking to paint the town red, New York is where it鈥檚 at 鈥 the Big Apple has the most nightlife options per capita (but is even more expensive than San Francisco).

Scroll down for the top 10 best (and worst!) cities of the year for singles, according to WalletHub鈥檚 research.


1. San Francisco, CA

2. Atlanta, GA

3. Los Angeles, CA

4. Denver, CO

5. San Diego, CA

6. Seattle, WA

7. Chicago, IL

8. Portland, OR

9. Minneapolis, MN

10. Portland, ME


1. South Burlington, VT

2. Brownsville, TX

3. Pembroke Pines, FL

4. Hialeah, FL

5. Warwick, RI

6. Yonkers, NY

7. Pearl City, HI

8. Lewiston, ME

9. Laredo, TX

10. Charleston, WV

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